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Yeah man i thought that! Apperently certo pectin works just the same by youtube vids! Lot cheaper to!

Its a job for a concret/block paving manufacture, so it at on an industrial unit. Not sure if ill do it there or if ill get called somewhere!

Hmmm would one of those hand warmers work? That way id just keep in my boxers and not worry about it dropping out!

It's annoying because i wouldnt smoke before work or anything, yet i bet half the people there will turn up half cut from the night before, especially now pubs will be opening here!

If it wasnt for getting back on the smoke i wouldnt be in a postion now where im able to go for a job! Hopefully ill get it sorted!

Thanks for your help though defiantly trying it! They havnt even said im defiently getting one. Just on application i filled in they said its possible and i had to sign yes! Lookin online 6-8 years ago it seems they fired 3 people for it, two where hard drugs and one was weed!

Anyway brought a lottery ticket tonight so never know might be in a postion that i dont need to work ahaha would be nice!