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Yeah thats it! I don't want to message either asking what type of drug test looks a bit obviouse im trying to hide something! They said drug test might happen as part of the job aplication. Only went for interview today and waiting to hear back! Hopefully they will say when they get back to me! I'm not a heavy smoker by any means, not got the funds, but still know it can show up in the system for a while after.

Usually wouldnt faze me this but i want to get back into work, and not many jobs at the moment!

Hopefully though i can pass this! If it comes back postive ill just blame it that at a bbq the other week must of smoked smothing funny well i was drunk ;)

I'm more worried that if i test postive then it fucks me for looking for a good job at the moment.

Anyway that your response ill keep it all in mind!