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Yeah but we can still relax more with our usual bit of help.
My predictive text was going to say with our usual support but that's not what stoners do it for.
And yes I think the mass tourists and tourism was not tooooooooo clever.
:) deep breath ):
But many thanks to the supply on here over the 6 months , cheers for keeping it going guys!!
I have to admit it spooked me when the reports of the pandemic started - just seeing those HAZMAT suits and things, my very old Dad sent us all an email to say that we should all just stay in lockdown and live with it ""People suffered and endured worse during the war..." and then there was another one about war time rationing comparing it to the mass panic buying of food and toilet rolls. He has a point but it was an embittered rant so I cast it from my mind asap. But we can't resist a drink, a smoke and a good gathering it seems.
Although why did some people drive 200 miles to look at something (I forget what the purpose was but there were several stories like this), when if course they would get caught cos they were the only cars on the road. The cops can see you with their eyes without needing ANPR.
Lockdown certainly made me even more lazy and unfit, I have anxiety about what legitimate excuses I can find to come up with now things are easing and both Uber eats and deliveroo can still deliver food and groceries , with still some special offers out there. (Yes shameful I know :) but I dont drive, lame yes but it's all I can summon up in the darkness of this night.
As for panic buying ( weeeee I'm flying now), yeah people have the right to ensure they had enough food to last, but I wonder how many panic buyers considered their fellow man (AND WOMAN - before I get shouted at lol.
Finally I wonder if they have had to scale down toilet roll production to until the toilet mountain is diminished.
Who knows ?
Who can tell?