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First month smoking weed
After getting to the point of drinking a dozen beers or 2 bottles of wine a day, every day, I thought I would give weed a shot. The main reason I haven't in the past is because of the legal issues, though I have always found it to be enjoyable when offered socially.

Littlebiggy definitely makes the experience of buying weed more reassuring. Looking at the product reviews makes it easy to get an idea of which vendors to trust.

Buying and trading with bitcoin can have a learning curve but with about an hour and some patience isn't too much of a roadblock. I highly recommend Coinbase and bank deposits to keep transaction fees to a minimum.

My first order was with jj5637901 for some Organic Mimosa. The order came next day with free next day delivery. I placed a few more small orders like this over the following weeks and couldn't fault the buying experience or the quality of the weed. jj5637901 is definitely the way to go for smaller orders with the NDD (next day delivery) being included in the price.

So I started off putting the weed in joints and did this for a week before deciding it was to suspicious smoking it out back with the neighbours on either side. Using a glass bong was more enjoyable and efficient but the potent smoke smell lingers for too long to be viable.

I'm currently now using a vaporiser (I've been through a few already finding the right one) which is great for leaving a less potent smell as it heats rather than burns the bud. Its great for tasting and appreciating the smoke though slightly less potent than using a bong, a smoother high overall.

So about a month in smoking weed; it has the desired effect of elevating my mood and relaxing when I need to. I haven't had a drink in this time so the negative effects of feeling rough and lethargic no longer manifest.

The last order I made was with THEGREENTEAM for some ARJANS STRABERRY HAZE. I paid for NDD and it too arrived next day. Another great seller with prices that decrease for larger quantities.

I would definitely recommend the small expense for NDD when ordering. The packages are treated with much more care and importance by the royal mail than that of standard post. Without it you're basically left in the dark wondering when/if what you ordered is going to arrive.

TLDR; Littlebiggy good. Weed good. Happy to help with any questions.