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send me a pm, perhaps you ordered anonymously
what username? there are no messages from you
We're an all weather service Frank ;)

A keen interest in nootropics and some social media skills are what carries the day around here.
subreddit doesn't exist anymore. feel free to poke around on here for confirmation. happy to have you back
from  Chair87
Sorry about this I know Hawaii is a little crazy with bitcoins. Please contact transaxe support
and they will provide you with a QR code and maybe some better options for the future.
No I don't even need to know that or your IRL name. It's all biggy+crypto verse.
Rex is hiring
Every aspect of marketing and operations brings opportunities for quality individuals.

Send your biggaz to Harvard and earn crypto :)
private message
not right now, please message 'bit easy really' for other suggestions on how to obtain btc