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if anyone sees my head give me a call
did you use bitcoins (btc) or bitcoin cash (bch)?
never seen this vid before i love it
not a stupid mistake and your funds are not lost. you should see your original order as paid then sent. if not contact transaxe support and they will sort you.
these days switchere.com allows 110usd without verfication, they accept cards.
Rescuing Darknet People for Fun and Profit
the darknet is no doubt full of frauds, scammers and scum of every flavour. BUT there are also many positive peeps whose only crime is they thought they had no where else to go. by changing this you can improve their lives and earn some serious bitcoin for your self.

just pick up your reference code, it appears wherever you press "share" on little biggy, it's embedded into the link.

just send them the link and you're done,

right away transaxe will send you a message reminding you to add your bitcoin address to receive the reference commissions.

this works for buyers and sellers and can make a lot of coin, it covers any transactions they make for the next 5 years. if you need any help just ask.
Yes, most bitcoin atms don't require ID, expect a 10% premium for this anonymity. atm radar is a good source but even google maps wll help you find one easily.
Thoughtful and though provoking mate