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sorry, no
sorry, not right now! there are others on this site that do though :)
Anyone Else Here Feel Empathy on Onset?
When my edibles kick in I start feeling empathy for everyone - including my biggaz here - love y'all :)

I think there's a chance LSD unlocked this for me, I can't remember feeling this way before it.
Buy some cigs and empty them out then fill them up with well ground cannabis. Put some tobacco in the ends so when you light up in inconspicuous then if anyone raises an eyebrow you finish off with tobacco - which you dont have to smoke even.
It looks like you have united states as one of the countries for your ie/su shipping option.
If there's a nice AI feeding my VR do you think I care about a job?
sorry no
basically santa does his laundry in england. he has the whole year's laundry plus the elves shit, believe me there is enough for every kid in england to wash.

he leaves a gift in the pockets for every boy and girl, a special one for little biggaz :)
WHOAH. Let's fix the place up if were having company.
Your loss is a gain for others, because of your positivity.