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Yes but maybe more like the Rise of Narcissism
my experience is that the fees are based on individual performance but also mutual circumstance and the pool of risk.
true this
Business acumen is not a Russian thing. How many Russian products have you bought lately.
Yeah Uber Bro service has those pee stops
I abstain from cannabis on 420. Like many of us around here I have thc all the time, I'm blessed.

So on 420 I think of all the folks that aren't.

It's usually because someone else doesnt want them to and that makes it a tragedy on a level almost as deep as the connection they are missing from nature herself.

So on 420 I skip a day. 4 them.

Yeah, bigga. Just kidding.

But I will try to smoke something for every one of those people. Till the say they are here with us.
Looks like he shrunk.
You don't see the time relatively here my bigga, from God's POV Jesus was like a minute ago. So it's way too soon.
Marijuana Sniffing Police Dogs Forced Into Retirement
Would be cool to adopt one of these
Perhaps not in English though.