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Congratulations that shows how valued you are in this community, family. I couldnt agree more it truely is a safe space, your help and participation really helps this community grow and flourish. Live long and prosper
Over 1,000 votes received thank you biggys!!!!
A big thank you to everyone who has put a vote my way since March this year(2019). This is the only form of social media I use or post on as I find that sort of thing a bit of a waste of time but here is where iv found my calling. To be able to help people with questions and guide them to the right place gives me a real buzz which makes me sure this is the place for me (my safe space). So once again thank you for being a wonderful community, thank you for being real, thank you for being YOU.

Saturday 7th December 2019
exit strategy
the same old revolution is still avoidable
yeah yeah if you look at all the data when any society gets this stratified a revolution always follows. but we are are pre-post-humans self-aware of this fact! so we can do it different this time and get fucked over differently, worst case.

poor suckers (most of the world) are handed serf jobs - the spoils of a trade war "protecting" them. for their labor they get to take it in the ass from monopolies, polluters and anyone else that they are sold to by the "leaders™.

the sycophantic rich get their spoils too - the poor's labor and the right to suck back every cent in consumerism. but they are just as vulnerable as the poor, if don't pay the rulers for their privileges they are reminded that ultimate authority ultimately owns everything it wants because it has the guns. if they dont play ball the fallen are made into public examples; the leaders thus bond with the rabble who revel in the schadenfreude.

ultimately authoritarians sell out the poor to the rich and vice versa a very old art perfected by russian tzar's. and as long as both sides remain divided the cunt standing in the middle can play savior to both sides.

while many rich savor an ass kissing plutocracy some of them actually say fuck you to the government just like the masses of disenfranchised. maybe they hate injustice or maybe they just cant stomach the ass kissing. and the poor are ready for anything.

no doubt burn it all down has some delicious appeal but the aftertaste is still a bunch of cunts playing divisive games. only they don't even have the brains to build the shit they just stole.

somebody tell me another way.
Die. Freeze Body. Store. Revive.
What does anyone know about plastination? Seems I might be kicking it soon and the ice looks like a shitty bet weather wise.
Humans placed in suspended animation for the first time
EPR involves rapidly cooling a person to around 10 to 15°C by replacing all of their blood with ice-cold saline. The patient’s brain activity almost completely stops. They are then disconnected from the cooling system and their body – which would otherwise be classified as dead – is moved to the operating theatre.
revenge is still harm fella. see the prime directive.
Always vaporising myself. No matter if it's herb or concentrate, vape is a good way to keep those lungs healthy.
I’m having trouble with this myself too HBiz with the quantity of weed to 1g cartridge ratio, I think it works out to a similar amount for homemade rosin, where you usually gain back 10 - 25% back depending on how much you put in. For example a gram of weed will get you a return of .1g - .25g of rosin if you have a rosin press or you can do the hair straightener method. With that being said, you’ll probably need to have 4g - 10g or more, but I’d say the 7 gram mark on average. I’m honestly not too sure mate, hope someone can help inform us on it more who’s more experienced. Hope this helped though.