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Wishful thinking, the leading VR platform is Facebook. You think you are surrounded with web surveillance? These are the good old days.
Aging is Reversible
Epigenetic reprogramming is proving to be the most fundamental aging switch around.
how do you know its a woman? and how do we know you are victim and not a perp?
That depends on the integrity of the chemist. Whole problem with carts if you ask me.
How To Build Your Own Time Capsuled
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Dig that terminal
He talks about the freedom that nomads had but how do we know those folks weren't oppressed by their pack leaders. When you look at animals you see a pretty nasty pecking order and it's beyond surveillance, you're living in small groups with your alpha boss 24-7.
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Skyhooks: dead drop air mail of the 1900s
You didn't need Amazon or drones for this futuristic delivery system.
Try noopept, it will get you out of the house, elevate your mode and give you the healthy break g.
Why Aliens are Machines
tldr: Because that's how it works with intelligence here and everywhere.