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It sounds like those sales were made either with no token or under a different token. I'm fairly confident they will be able to help you track down the BTC though.
Maybe nomenclature? You don't want to add a "wallet" you want to add a bitcoin address that wallet generates.
All sorted - was using address with the BC1 instead of a 1 prefix
Partial payment
I have received 2 orders which are not fully paid, i have messaged both (anonymous) parties and had no reply. Can you help?
Thank you Lb
absolutely i would think, contact transaxe support
Look at this link to help you guys

Sorted now
Thanks transaxe.
Just wanted to say thanks for sorting out unpaid order and for the support and peace of mind that your help provides.
Thanks again . LR77.
Working now thankyou
CEX.IO 9/10
CEX.IO 9/10

good for Americans, Europeans, and Russians. multiple levels of verification, high exchange rate, low trading fees, website is clean and easy to navigate.

https://cex.io/trade/home - website

currency traded
usd->btc btc->usd
eur->btc btc->eur
rub->btc btc->rub

deposit fee
usd: 2.99%
eur: 2.99%
rub: 5% + ₽ 15.57
btc: free

trading fee
0.00% - 0.16% ; depends on trade volume

exchange rate vs blockchain.com/prices
9,357.70 vs 9,324.75

verification requirements
standard: email address, phone number, location, SSN, ID card (drivers license, passport, or ID), birth date
2nd level: address verification (utility bill, bank statement, tax return/council tax, other address document)
enhanced verification: proof of funds document (salary statement, bank statement for the last 3-6 months, tax return, screenshot of trading activity, screenshot of mining activity, or any other financial document), photo of yourself with ID and handwritten customer document "I'm a CEX.IO customer" with date, employment status, questionnaire, declaration

time to verify
within 24 hours

live chat help?
live bot chat