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This one is covered :)
Please use private messages for specific order questions and do not worry. It is impossible to lose a bitcoin payment, the blockchain forms a public proof of every payment.
please use private messages for specific order problems. first to the seller, of you have further problems contact us or escrow suisse. and please don't worry, given enough time every kind of error can occur, together we fix them all.
Is There Much Interest in QR codes or URIs?
We are updating the pay page and wondering what you think about this or any related issues.
Simply send us a private message with the order id, if a payment was made it can always be found on the blockchain, there really are no exceptions so don't worry eddie.
It's every purchase they make, depending upon your token this can last up to 5 years.
It's based on transactions, not visits.
Sorry for the worry - on many levels. We are developing a new feature with little biggy and the most likely source of this outage.

We hope you very real biggaz find it worth the worry.
If you have existing customer relationships reference codes represent substantial income and the best way to bring your clients here. Even if your clients buy from other sellers you will earn income this way.

Your transaxe token is the referral code. Just give this to people when you share little biggy with them. Even easier, give them a little biggy link with your code built in. Just go to your own home page and press "share" near the top to generate your link.

Every time they buy you will see it and your income on your transaxe home page.
As a Seller Established In A Existing Market How Should I use this?