transaxe support's votes received   made
You can send us the address if you want us to check or you can view it on the blockchain.
Just message us wiith the order details. Dont worry its impossible to lose blockchain payments.
We will be back up soon (hours). Thanks for your patience.
Please use private messages (the chat button above) for transaction details, we will be glad to help.
We see you have resolved this but note to readers:
Use private messages for documentation.
Screen shots are not needed just the btc address you sent funds to or the lb order id, everything can be determined with this.
That is usually from password attempts but you should contact us privately for this one.
As Web Content Creator How Should I Use This?
You can monetize any kind of content by posting it here on little biggy, just link to it whenever you publish.
As A little biggy Seller How Should I Use This?
You can publish your own topics, your own page or your own items, by clicking share just like anyone else.
Does It Matter Which Content I Share?
No, you can share a topic on politics and if the user winds up buying an unrelated item you earn bitcoin. This can makes it a lot easier to use social media if you have any privacy concerns.
Can I See What I Earn?
Yes every time your share results in a purchase you will see the blockchain transaction in your transaxe account (just not what was bought or who bought or sold it).