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we do not accept bitcoin cash payments.
Service is restored.
We are back up, thank you for your patience.
We are back up, sorry for the interruption.
thank you for your patience we expect complete restoration of service soon.
service interruption
sorry our systems are currently down, we expect restoration soon.
Your funds are secure. An extended claims period is required to close your account and release funds to you. We expect this will add an average of 8 days to your remaining escrowed orders.

You can expedite things by making sure all of your customers are satisfied and that all deliveries are either confirmed as received or refunded.
your releases have been suspended for fraud prevention. please resolve your outstanding issues.
Please send us a private message for a refund or send the remaining amount of bitcoin to the same address to complete the order.
you can :

accept the partial payment - do nothing and ship.

contact the user - tell them to send the remaining payment to the same address

refuse the payment - send us a message as soon as possible