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Please send us a private message for a refund or send the remaining amount of bitcoin to the same address to complete the order.
The rerference code gives you a % of each purchase that user makes for their tenure here,

your transaxe account shows the terms which currently are 1% of gross revenues,

your payments are released at the same time as the seller's.
you can :

accept the partial payment - do nothing and ship.

contact the user - tell them to send the remaining payment to the same address

refuse the payment - send us a message as soon as possible
send us a private message with the btc address you sent to.
Please don't worry if you see the expired message when making a payment, you have sufficient time after that.

Sorry for the pain, we will improve this display issue.
you simply need a bitcoin address to receive the refund.
use private messages for this and include the order id please
please send us a private message wit your order id
transaxe interruptions
Our apologies to everyone experiencing delays with transactions, we are caught up but interruptions are still possible. Should your problem persist in days rather than hours please message us with your order id.

Thanks very much for your patience.
Thank you for your patience LR