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service has been restored, if anyone has any remaining problems please send us a message with the order id. thanks for your patience.
btc network delays
sorry we are experiencing delays with payment status updates at the moment. we expect to resolve this problem shortly and appreciate your patience.

never fear a loss of payment with bitcoins, every transaction on the block chain is recorded, nothing cab be lost during such occurrences.
customers can not release funds to sellers but rather escrow is held according to the terms of your contract.

your contract terms are regularly updated according to your reputation. as a new vendor without a referral you are given our introductory contract.
Sorry for the delay, we are back up.
Sorry if there is any confusion on this but the price we present on our payment page is the exact bitcoin amount due.

Note with minor discrepancies sellers often elect to ship your order but this will not happen automatically and you may need to contact the seller.
Services restored folks, sorry for the frustration :)
we simply need the order id or the bitcoin address you sent to
public posts are generally betterbbecause this aids corroboration although you may also contact us privately. thank you, odds are very high that you are preventing someone from getting scammed when you do this.
It is impossible to lose a bitcoin payment, the technology rests on a public ledger of all transactions, that's the famous "blockchain". As you can see from your private messages your payment, like every other payment ever, made it :)
This one is covered :)