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You know this isnt totally crazy, the cost of putting a head into space is coming down and then the cold storage is free for a real long time.
Yes, lets have this please
Sure but can you print bullets?
Image of Brain on Moda Less Than Inspiring
Don't know shit but looking at these images the placebo looks better, more complex while moda seems blanked out and numbed.
what about the body bags business youre not going to solve their problem are you?
Only question is what is needed for this. Will provocation of enemies be enough to create the terrifying event they need to grant Trump extra powers? Or will they hire mercenaries?
Oh goodness there are so many reasons not to panic, this is a common occurrence and could be
1) the link is wrong so double check with the seller.
2) the postal service does not have it in their system yet.
3) the postal service system is just lame with the countries involved.
You shouldn't trust anything. If you want to mitigate your risk put your faith in wise judgment: make a smaller order, use bitcoins with escrow, use pgp encryption and go with a seller with history and solid reputation.