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Why BTC when you have STABLECOINS
I have placed a fair few orders here but never posted before. I love it. However it's just a fact that BTC is expensive to move around and the USD value fluctuates wildly. So why not implement a similar system but with stablecoins? A stablecoin on Ethereum is very cheap to transact with and the USD value is... 1 USD.

These are the main ones:

-Tether (USDT): created by the Bitfinex exchange, there are like 4 billion of these in circulation, but it is backed by dollars held in some dodgy bank in the bahamas (or not!!!). May be one to avoid IMO.

-USD Coin (USDC): similar concept but backed by Coinbase. About 400mil in circulation but way more reputable and cleared with US regulators.

-DAI: backed by ETH held as collateral without a dollar in sight, algorithmically pegged to USD. A remarkably clever system that's the closest thing to a 'true' decentralised stablecoin. If you are a clever clogs you will enjoy reading about this one. About 80 mil in circulation.

It gets better... if you build a system that works with one ERC20 token, it works with all tokens! Merchants can get paid in whichever stablecoin they please.

Thoughts? I appreciate BTC has been around the longest and reliable software is hard to come by...
How can I get my 1st sales?
without a reputation it's impossible to get an order, without an order it's impossible to get a reputation.
please ;)
Thanks a lot big help :)
Seems hard to start with haha
Help please
Just registerd, would like to purchase 1 item but stuck on a few things. 
1) heard can get coins of bitpanda, is it easy ? Also do I need to have extra funds for conversion of currency or bank charge for bitcoin ? 
2) can I send the bitcoin straight from the bitpanda wallet or will I need a separate wallet ? Only a 1 time payment.
3) does the bitcoin auto convert from £-$ upon purchasing or will I need more funds to do so ? The item is $60 in btc.
Thank to all who takes the time to help me appreciate it a lot. 
Only a few UK vendors sell 1g choices as apart of giving customers a choice to have a sample of a product to see whether they like it or not. Not every vendor does this as it’s a waste of time really and they won’t be making much back from it, therefore the standard is 3.5g with most vendors. I’d recommend Bazza though as all of his items have 1g samples.
Their page says that they haven't been logged in for over a month, so yeah you're probably not getting anything and need to escrow...
how long after bitcoin transfer till order is marked as paid?
Technical question
What do people here think (especially computer experts), for the best online privacy and discretion, is VPN + TOR > TOR on it's own?
If you care that your isp sees you use Tor use the vpn in front of it.
bitcoin delayed payment
i sadly forgot to remember by transaction id so hopefully able to look up through ip or bitcoin address. coinbase has delayed my payment for 72 hours, about 48 hours right now, just wondering if i need to do anything