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unlogged in find the old order in your browser history and then login from it, this works much of the time.

very kind of you to think of it like this
most records delete after 45 days. you can press "extend" to keep them longer than this.

transaxe may be able to help you with the old order, from block chain records, give them a try.
You don't need a wallet to pay for an order. Just press pay on your order and you will get an address to send the coins to.
dont worry nova, this is everyone one of us day 1 - even borgs! paybis.com has live help and quick service for the bitcoins, give them a go and let us know what you think :)
Sounds good to we!
Never apologize for virginity here Noam, we think its a treasure :)

btcbit, coinbase and paybis are all easy places to start for bitcoin. Tor and vpn are not typically used by most but are pretty easy to if you want another layer of safety.
click items and you will see the origin underneath each one :)
1 yes. extra funds are never a bad idea till you get a handle on things, lots of people have watched these extra coins grow too.

2 yes

3 the btc price is good for a few hours while you pay
mostly minutes sometimes seconds somtimes hours. never worry its impossible to lose a btc payment, the block chain is a public record of every movement.
its a tough string to type, why not copy from transaxe and paste into the app?