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Spot on my bigga
shucks i always wanted to see north dakota
Ok but there's clouds and there's clouds. I don't mind a harp or 2 but then I got a pipe in some of the good shit from downstairs.
To Todd's Sure Thangs: Famous
Thanks for making my lockdown a pileup :)

Seriously nobody ever got sacked for that move. Best to scare the people that will bring you the military, don't even have to recruit them directly, work on their families instead, same with law enforcement. Law and order is what sells a good coup.
Is the Internet Making Freedom Impossible?
Nearly your entire life is controlled by the tech oligarchs. Everything we read, watch, buy, and eat is provided by them. And that's for those of us that don't also work for them.

They in turn are bullied by massively armed governments willing to steal or harm anyone that doesn't pay protection money.

We are surrounded by exploiters that also happen to own the network. And our best and brightest built it for them.

I'm really looking forward to ai doing the same thing to them.
i think my dad called this english drinking
next for the boomers? a war on children
click bait? no madame.

and what do i even mean by "next" the cunts are doing it already.

if you live in a place where old folks are in charge of the money (everywhere) you already see this. schools don't need to be shut down for their terrifying pools of runny noses they already shut them down to take the money. always need it for more cops in case your kids ride a bike on our empty sidewalks.
watch your mouth aliens are very touchy about their age
251,000 deaths from medical error
that's just a normal year and just in the us. its impossible to count the millions sacrificed worldwide to stupid judgment.

i know a lot of people are singing in their little cages, god bless you and i totally get the social contract but i have learned how not to spread my bad breath years ago - because there are some that would lock me away for it.

call me a radical but i think i should be able to cross the fucking street without a whole new layer of surveillance hardwired into blind stupidity fed into an algorithm of fear circle jerking its way right back into my ass.

but that's me. you do whatever the fuck you like and if you are in legitimate danger then play it cool on your own; the social contract i signed said i will help you anyway i can - from outside my own cage.