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Afgooey review
Was lucky enough to gratefully receive a free sample of this.

First off, the stealth - it made me laugh, put it that way. But it was great, absolutely no smell, and no way will someone guess what's in the pack.

The smell - I was getting lemony and money notes from this, and it absolutely stinks. Stank out my kitchen with its lovely smell.

The taste - very floral on the inhale. You can tell it's good and well grown from the taste.

The high. Well, it's a creeper. Nice initial buzz behind the eyes, followed by a creeping buzz in the head and a heavy body stone.

I tried it on the dynavap, and 2 caps was enough to get me medicated for a good few hours. Grinder well too, and it was the perfect cure for vaping.

Give this a go, it's an unusual strain that I've never come across before on here. Hopefully Bonneville will be offering an option to purchase a henry.
Very strong
The afgooey is excellent. Nice pale green bud that's proper stinky with lots of crystals. Grinds nicely, smokes nicely. Powerful stuff this. Really hits hard. I'm personally not really interested in taste or terps and stuff...my priority is how stoned does it get me and for how long vs how much it costs. This stuff is up there with the strongest I've tried on LB. Proper high voltage. Next time I'm restocking my high end bag, this will be a contender. The price might put me off I think. The weed is seriously good quality, but £325 an O isn't very competitive.

The stealth needs a special mention...I laughed when I first saw what the vendor had done but then I realised it's actually pretty clever. Completely smell proof, but also a really smart way to disguise what's being shipped. Quite impressive.
Hi, it’s a Doc holidaz- Huckleberry Cookies by Dynasty Genetics x Hell Fire OG by Afficianado , mostly indica
Well I finally worked out how to share the beautiful nectars of this world with you ..... please pop past ! Better still make a purchase and see for yourself how the finest connoisseur compares ?
Hi Dadon, really happy you enjoyed the samples brother ....awesome review, thank you . Yes, unfortunately we couldn’t give everyone the heads up over the stealth, all good, we can change it up, thanks for looking out for us
Hi Dadon, Last for the double sample you are number 5 !!
Yep be packed better than a nuns chuff !
Sale - Reduced Price (Gorilla Semi)
I've reduced price on this gorilla due to more stock availability and cheaper sourcing prices.
This is a very nice strong hash guys, get at it while it's here.

check out bit easy really mate and she will get you sorted same day