reviews us2uk
7 sales, average $375
9/10 7 Grams of Any Strain
Unfortunately packet arrived after being opened by customs. However seller gave 100% refund, not 50% so credit where it's due, responsive to msgs also
rated 552 days ago   took 0 days to arrive
1/10 Gorilla Glue
The stuff never arrived tracking was never given this guy is a straight scammer tramp
rated 561 days ago   took 0 days to arrive
10/10 Green Crack
Amongst my best smokes ever, worth the wait.
rated 569 days ago   took 10 days to arrive
10/10 Gorilla Glue
Vendor provided tracking number after 4 days, arrived in 10 days, excellent quality will order again.
rated 602 days ago  
10/10 Gorilla Glue
I may have found BOB - Best on Biggy. Will find out about consistency in future
rated 604 days ago