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Hi new here.. UK vendor I've sold on the dark net and the only difference is that on dark net you don't have a community its just buy, selling and receiving. There's very minimum communication with vendors.

I'm happy to say the response I've had here is unbelievable people have been wicked. Never expected this.

Please do come check my page out we are new and I know building trust with new vendors is difficult. So I've added small amounts which are available like 1gs.

Bless all
Are you genuinely trying to sell that should get in contact with iphone they're good at selling Airbuds lol
We are new vendors
What's going on all.
I'm starting as a vendor
I will be selling small as grams for people to try out.
Hope you come a try us out. More new items will be added soon.

Different flavoured hash
CBD cream
Much more
New here come say high
Hi all new here come say hi
Bro just by the look i can tell this is some leafy airy buds, first ever grow looked way better than this .. How someone can sell this sheet for money... Dunno
New pre roll range and selection
Hi fellow Biggers & Biggie's.

Tis the festive season coming upon us.. so I bring you new treats.

We have some new pre roll strains landing shortly -
White Widow
Critical Amnesia Haze
Ghost Train

We will have a multi pack available ( pack of 3/ 4 rolls). These multi packs are available mixed that are great for allowing to test out the various ones on offer or you can grab the standard multi pack of one individual strain.

Each multi pack will be clearly listed with contents to avoid confusion.
Shipping & Packaging
All products ordered before 2pm Mon-Fri will be dispatched the following morning. Sorry no weekend service - family time :)

All packages will be sent 1st class in packaging that will fit straight through the letterbox.
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People whose page they are posting on
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People they are voting on.
All my products will be going out at 4gs ;)
good to be back!

let's get this show back on the road :)