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Seeds now available, Many great Strains, Worldwide delivery
Hi everyone,

Firstly, I would like to say thank you to all of my customers and your wonderful reviews are greatly received. It means a lot to know you're enjoying my products and that I'm helping people.
I work very hard on the products and service.

I am now in contact with a seed distributor in the Netherlands, I am offering feminized photo period and atuo flower types with many well known strains. Seeds are pick and mix so you can pick a selection that you want.

Discount is available on bulk orders and i am able to offer worldwide delivery.
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Hash Balls ( Dutch in house hash)
Hi guys.

Been offered some Dutch in house hash balls.
Comes in 3g balls, dark outer shell but Very light on the inside once cut open, revealing clear view trichomes. The hash it's self does bubble with flame but is not needed as it's very pliable and soft as is.
Has a very pungent aroma.

The effects are some what sedative, overall body high, had me couch locked for the evening.
Miniumum International Order Size
Sorry folks we are implementing a usd300 min order size for international orders. The labor and materials on these orders make this necessary.
I certainly wouldn't mind!, you're stuff is always top notch well worth a bit extra coinage for safe stealthy delivery I reckon :)