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Just don't hang them on a fireplace.
Limited number of these available.

Be a stealthy elf with these festive hangers. Great if you need to get away from the family, but can't leave the house. Leave your body at home, cooking the Christmas dinner, while you fly like a snowman into the bosom of the night.
I did exactly that, thc jellies with a bag of haribo. I took one of my vape carts too, security gave me a bag to put the vape in and they didn't bat an eye! You should be good to go.
Yeah, man. Tastes good, nice chewy toffee and kicks like a mule. I did fuck up slightly, I wanted to make them stronger.... Next batch!
@xs8 Great tip!
Thats the idea, dude.... Or leave a surprise in a friends tree :D
Hanging Xmas chocolates
These will be listed in the next day or so, just awaiting a final touch.

They will be listed as a pack of 5
Thanks for the recommends, everyone!

Feel free to check my page out, I have some 100mg chocolate bars in milk, white and vegan white. I'm offering a 300mg selection pack, 3 bars one strawberry, one orange and a caramel bar.
I have some cola cuboids ready, and some gummy sweets are on the way. I also have distillate and RSO if you fancy making your own edibles.

In the next day or two, I will be listing some hanging Xmas chocolates, if you wanted to decorate your tree.


Absolutely, never leave home without them!
Airport security
Recently, I had the opportunity to see how well my products travel. I got a pack of haribo, put a couple packs of my gummies in there, no problems getting these onto the plane... Flying high while flying high.

I also wrapped some of the hard candy in sweet papers, I used refreshers paper to disguise them. It was probably a bit overboard, but never the less, got those through too.

Also got my vape cart through, security even gave me a plastic bag to put it in.

A successful test!