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Thank you for this review, I'm made up that you're enjoying these as much as I am, literally anywhere and everywhere. I can't get enough of the black cherry soda at the moment.

I'm greatful to everyone that has bought these carts. I've been making these for about 7 months, changed the recipe a couple of times and trailed 4 different cartridges. I'm pleased to say that i'm happy with how they are and even happier at how well they are being received.
Just feel like I need to address a review. Firstly, I would like to say thank you to everyone that has left a review, I appreciate the time you take to do that.

The only thing I would like to address is the comment regarding 'It needed more mg'

The only thing I could say to that is, these bars are 100mg, if you feel like this is not enough, I would suggest getting more, It may be that 100mg is not enough for you to feel the desired effects.

Regarding the price, I believe these are the cheapest per mg on here. Buy bulk, I'll do you a deal.

Thanks again for the review, I'm happy you enjoyed it.

I copied this from their website 'The Silo vape battery will work with nearly any 510 thread oil cartridge'

MJ vapes have a 510 male thread which is 4mm from base of cart to the end of the thread.

Hope that helps.

We will post to the states. We will have distillate listings from 12 may. Check us out if you wish. Thanks
Thank you for the honest review, it is greatly appreciated! I use fine, Belgian chocolate to make these bars, great ingredients make a great product (I medicate with these almost daily).
Free cookie collective

Just a quick note, if you have bought from me in the past, you will know that I usually send a free gift (cookie) with any orders that go out. Unfortunately, the cookies will be on hold for a few weeks, due to 'reasons'.

Please don't think that I've missed you out or you haven't placed a big enough order or anything like that. The cookies will be back soon and I'll be more than happy to carry on giving them away.


New Items / Sale items

I have some new, medical grade shatter in stock. Made by Crash Laboratories, one of Canada's leading extract companies. 7 varieties, indica, sativa and hybrid.

I've introduced two new falvours in the distillate cartridge range, black cherry soda and Goji O.G. I have also made up some more of the favourites Gelato, tangerine dream and zkittles.

Bargain time

Price has been reduced on the Phyto dispensary shatter, this is now the end of the lucky dip shatter line, grab a bargain while its still available.


The standpoint of THC being a schedule one drug certainly needs looking at, It has become severely dated. I absolutely agree with your sentiment on the political side of things, the chap you mentioned and Phillip May are making hefty sums from UK grown medical cannabis, while it remains illegal for everyone else.
New Items
If you have bought from me in the past, you'll know that I generally include a little freebie, lately is been a cookie. As a result of this, I have been asked a few times to list them. So here we are, made with shatter not canna butter, like the ones I give out.

I'll probably end up making them to order, so if the stock is showing zero, please send a message.

I have also added a new flavour to the distillate cart range, If you like s sweet, fruit punch, this Jolly Rancher cart might just fill that hole!
Especially if its going to save your life or the life of a loved one. If the people are risking time inside, fines and / or a record, to get the medicine they need, it's time for something to change.