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I will infuse anything I can, aaahhhaaahhhaaa!!
Vape carts new strains
Two new strains for you all to try out:

Skywalker Og - Indica
Tropicana cookies - Sativa

I was pretty aware that the range of carts was very hybrid heavy, these two additions should even that out a bit.
Thc Hot Chocolate
Yeah, you read that correctly ✌️ I am liking this new addition to the menu. Hot, comforting and gets you hiiiiigh. I can't get enough of these got a few options too.

Come check em out
For sure dude, they will be back soon.
For veggies, not vegans sorry. I'll look into a vegan option
New product
Suup everyone, or should I say soup!! Yes, thc soup is now available.

3 flavours to try out, makes a nice change to eating sweet edibles all the time.

Come check them out ✌️
Have just listed what we have in stock. Gelato and Strawberry Cheese cake will be listed tomorrow. Thank you, MJ
That reminds me, I should list the ingredients. I'll get on to that. It's infused with shatter.
Yeah dude, I gave out around 200 cookies
The mods don't come with a charger, but other than that, you're good to go.