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Do a search for dhgate on your search engine, when the website loads up, use the search bar and type in nectar collector. It looks like a candle lightbulb.
Or dab straw / nectar collector. I'm using a honeybird, can't rate it enough.
Thank you, man! Really appreciate you taking the time to write this. Its great to have some positivity around the carts (not just MJC) with all of the bad press of late.

I have no plans to stop making these, I enjoy them too much :)
Nectar collector / dab straw. Not sure about the best, very convenient to use, relativity inexpensive and it does the job. Puff co peak is very good also. I've been using the V2 pro series 7 as well, love it but the dab cartridge has been discontinued.

All for concentrates BTW
Wowza, Thank you!

Its totally hit and miss with the post, I think 1 in 50 parcels get delayed, for whatever reason. Long may your speedy deliveries continue.

Glad to have you on board.
Vader Extracts

I have some shatter in stock from Vader Extracts, based in California and winners of several awards. 4 strains at the moment, low quantities at the moment, I am expecting more in very soon.
Should hopefully have a full complement in a couple of weeks.
Vape carts

Current strains:

Black cherry soda 900mg
Tangerine Dream 900mg
Gelato 900mg

The above are 1 gram carts

Bubblegum OG 450mg
Thin Mint Cookies 450mg
Strawberry Cheesecake 450mg
Super Sour Diesel 450mg
Do Si Dos 450mg

The above are 1/2 gram carts
Not at all, doesn't smell like tuna either. I was keen to try it based on its name.
I have a few left and I should be able to get more.