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I have x 5 orders that are incomplete. 3 of which are anonymous, so I don't know who you are to message.

If your order isn't showing as sent, you need to contact me.

Decarboxilate your kief before putting in your coffee. Every time i've decarbed kief, it clumps together, making it easy to handle. Or you could easily just break a bit off and swallow it.

I've also pressed it, making some mediocre rosin.
Dey tuck der jeerbs
Great PSA Franko, just updated my listing with the same info.
This is a rudimentary, quality test.
Thanks for the input, I am going to do exactly that.

Have a good one :)
Free post?
I will probably add the minimum postage cost to each item, then there will be no extra charge for posting.

I can't keep up with the people that don't pay the postage, of which, there have been many. It messes up my system of work and adds unnecessary time on to the transactions.

I have put on my page and my items, to please not to forget to pay the postage, yet it happens all to often.

Even though I have said to people that I won't send items until postage has been paid, I do and postage still doesn't get paid, that is my fault for being nice about it. But no more, I'll be a little bit more harsh from now on.

To that end, until I have decided what to do, things will run as they have been, with the exception of nothing being sent until the full payment has been received. This includes anything that is partially paid. I probably wont even message you, so please check your order is bang on.

I feel like a twat for saying this but something has to give, I'm not taking these risks and then having to pay paying postage costs or cover someones partially paid transaction.


All the best, man. May the Schwartz bit with you!
I've done few runs with straighteners too, used a bunch of old kief, should have done it in smaller batches instead of being lazy and doing one big run. Anyway, the rosin was super dark because of the age of the kief, but had a lovely hash taste. I rolled it into worms and smoked in a bud joint, I was high AF.

Thanks for your insight, much appreciated!!
I don't press this myself, but reading a few topics by Epix, my interest has been piqued. It would be a cool hobby, i've had a quick look into DIY live resin as well. It seems doable.

Expense is the issue, I'd want quality equipment.