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Transaxe are safe as houses, your money will go to their wallet it doesn’t go to the seller anyway
Tap on transaxe support page top left will be a chat option, send the ref numbers to do with transaction to them no worries ?
Don’t order from me, it would be wasted on you
Gorilla glue 4
Gorilla glue is ready, best organic weed I ever done
New flavours
Hopefully next batch will be GG4 it’s drying and chocolate chunk
We had a look ? at the server it appears someone was downloading porn again? Any ideas???
About time
I honestly never thought I’d see it in my lifetime
I expect most sales are uk and Europe now anyway
I like to learn all the different ways, this was to see what can be done with 1 rootball, the extra veg is not so good, if time wasn’t an issue this would be the way, it added 2 months to grow time, scrog is good for uniform buds they all same size etc, my favourite way is still seed in a large bucket, I like variety and this I can only do 1 flavour where I can get 4 plants in same size tent
Humanity meets adulthood
Is £25 in shop, is less then half price from here, yes yes it’s not good for you but I smoke I make joints I use tobacco, how this is defined as harmful is stupid, I know a guy who didn’t do any drugs, drinking or sleeping around, he still died