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I call it Soundcloud Rap but lots of its also called mumble rap.
just setting up the comeback kid
still at it, now they have a coin
The Untold Story of Atari Founder Nolan Bushnell’s Visionary 1980s Tech Incubator
After bringing us Pong and Chuck E. Cheese’s, the legendary entrepreneur built a startup factory that tackled 21st-century ideas with 1980s tech.
playlist: A Tribe called Quest / De la Soul / Jungle Brothers
Masters of Smooth
A very good one,

I would post something interesting you make or just see on the net

1st on your lb page and

then link back to it from the subreddit.

A straight up pitch for lb is rarely the way to go, use specific content that works in your context,

once they are here the place speaks for itself :)
#8 Common Ground Is Your Real Estate
A thousand eyeballs from the right audience is worth a million from the peasantry.

There are many communities that play biggy as close as butter did toast. These subreddits and small enthusiast sites welcome what's on offer here, you're doing them a favor and boy are they doing you one.

I have clients that make thousands of dollars each month from surprisingly small sites. Remember each bigga you introduce is your little cash machine for years, every purchase they make earns bitcoin for you.

It doesn't hurt that this is a great place where people like to stick around. Like you they just need to find it.
i guess its true about pandas not doing so hot in captivity
The gravity defying technology came from the streets the "civilized world" down on.

End of 1st Act - a street dwellers tent flies for the 1st time

Page 95 Scene - The Duchebag's party on the 200th floor is astounded by a tent then another then shopping carts and street vending and cafes then an entire building (capped by a puppy)

Climax Showdown - The World's Armies are unleashed, sent to the sky on sickening fossel burning versions of the tech.
jar jar binks would have been awesome in the muppets, this is exactly why you need the right agent folks