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Only meant rollies and cigs, not gonna try blazin up round the park. Been watching loads vids and don’t think I could handle it stoned anyway, looks mental.Have a contact in Provins about an hour away gonna take a day trip myself for a smoke. I’d heard they had did away with the smoking areas in the park. Missus is panicking she smokes like a train and doesn’t want to have to leave park every time she wants a nicotine hit. Can’t wait, more excited than the kids.
Disney Paris
Bit off topic but I’m heading to Disney Paris next week, any tips for a newbie.whats best rides, areas. Common problems or mistakes people make. Where can I smoke in the complex if staying on site, can I vape.
Cheers buddy, glad u got yours too.
You’ll not regret it, if you like hash you’ll love it. As I said just pull apart and sprinkle. If you heat it you just melt it leaves it hard to work with.
No probs, really are great little carts.
Driving stoned thread my little story
Zkittlez review
Lovely bit of gear. Very well cured and dried this one. Nice tight glistening buds with fruity terpene profile. Smells great when opened and the fruity fresh tastes stays in your mouth after smoking. Smokes smooth and burns to bright white ash. The high is a nice mix that is hard to describe, kinda feel couch locked in my head. Not tired but defiantly very stoned. Top marks to vendor for this. 100% stealth and NDD aswelll what more could you want!
Cart review
Excellent quality little carts here. Real well put together contains nice golden liquid. My second of this strength and they seem about on par with each other 4-5 puffs for a noticeable effect for me which barely moves the bubble. Previous one lasted 4 days with heavy use(its so discreet I used it everywhere)Which I was more than happy with. You can taste the shatter so you know it’s good. Will be back for more. Highly recommended vendor with NDD.
from  Tenchee
Critical hash review
Top quality hash, soft and fresh. No need to heat to sprinkle but when flame is placed near it bubbles like mad showing it’s purity. Bright white ash left in bong so def clean, smokes smooth with slight hit to back of throat although I do pack my bowls and a little of this goes a long way. Nice heavy stone you can feel behind your eyes. A bargain at this price to, expect to pay £20 a g for dry sift like this in the dam. Highly recommended vendor, 100% stealth with NDD
Exotic cart review
Top quality cartridge at the price they should be, has the internal engraving so I believe it’s genuine product. Oil is nice and golden, no harsh or burning taste, and strong as hell. Highly recommended product and vendor. Stealth 100% and NDD. Thanks guys