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Classic strains(none new world cali) you may like to see.
Hey LB
Put this up here as thought it most appropriate.
Thought it would be good to list strains the community may want to see on LB. I've seen these lists on the Cali sellers pages that come with the price tag to match there beauty. But some well grown, cured and priced classic strains would be great to see also.
A few for me to get started:
Green Crack, Purple Haze, Chemdog, Durban, Congo, NYCD, Sour D, Kali Mist, Chocolope, Cannelope haze, panama haze, columbian gold, Acapulco Gold, Chernobyl, Strawberry Cough, Maui Wowie, C99, Trainwreck, , Casey Jones, willy nelson, destroyer, White Widow, Skunk#1, Nevilles haze, Lemon skunk, Mango Haze, Pineapple express, Tangie, vortex, ATF, Strawberry Diesels, Chiesal, OG Kush, Sour OG, power plant, jack the ripper, swazi, black jack....
So many but when vendors are shopping for their new stock it just may sway them to stock them i thought.
i hear you... but as this is a once in a decade thing for me... my wife is out of town coming back home on Monday, my time is limited. I just want a nice little trip tonight, nothing crazy like last night haha.

If this was a regular thing, i'd for sure wait and do it responsibly.
Hi blackdragon00

I am looking into getting the pax3. Do you have the pax2 or pax3? or the crafty, the little one not the mighty. I much prefer how little the pax3 is, but I read the crafty may work better?

Should I get the pax3, what is your experience of the pax? and does it give a nice hit? A friend also told me that the battery on the pax keep konking out, there is a 2 year warranty, but battery fails can occur after the 2 years. So I am torn between the pax3 and the crafty.

stay cool Robin of Hood :)
A friend of mine keeps his in a ziploc bag, then stuffs that inside a plastic water bottle, the kind used for sports. It never smells until you open the bottle and take the weed out.
always used localbitcoin never had any problems with them
Vader Extracts

I have some shatter in stock from Vader Extracts, based in California and winners of several awards. 4 strains at the moment, low quantities at the moment, I am expecting more in very soon.
Edit that dumbass thing im stuck on chapter 3 got abandoned airport glitch :( not played it since last week so been slaying zombies on dead rising 4 lol
It's worth giving it WoW go again Morgan. There are a couple of things to bare in mind though. The patch that was released for classic WoW was a later one that carried a lot of nerfs to Pve elements of the game so it does feel a little easier as it was a point where TBC was close to release and they wanted to make sure as many of the newer players at the time got to see the content and that players new in TBC could level easier.

That said though, there is so much more room for character progression, development and variation in play style compared to later expansions that came with the pruning of classes, so it will keep you busy for quite a while anyway.

There is also a great argument for a return of improved social aspects of the game. There are no pre-formed group tools for dungeons and raids and there are no cross realm servers which for the moment at least, show a much friendlier and more active community compared to what retail is.

I feel rather positive towards it so far. Although i feel the formula used for game design and player mechanics has become a little stale and repetitive since WoD so im enjoying the change in game play. Thats not to say that checking out current isn't worth it, new patches are always been released if you add it to the fact that you need a sub to play either retail or classic, you may as well give both a try and pick for yourself...assuming you haven't tried BFA :)
I'm on PS4. I'm a little shocked that there isn't many of us here haha
Currently playing Resident Evil 2 again and I'm going to get the platinum if it's the last thing I do! I've been swapping between that Black ops 4 and Fallout 4 as I only just realised I haven't played the damn DLC oops haha
I don't bite much so if anyone wants to add me feel free: TheJDJoker
If you have a little interest in it, there are lots of streamers on twitch, drop on and have a good look. There's a big split in peoples preference at the moment with retail and the re-release of original WoW. you can also make a trial account to level 20 which will give you an idea as to whether you want to pay for it or not.