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While i agree with most of what you say there is one major stumbling block, no uk goverment will legalise THC until it has a stable method of taxation, which includes cultivation, sale and import. several years back when THC was down graded to class 'c' a goverment working party was put in place to investigate taxation post legalisation, major issues around taxing personal and not so personal cultivation put the project on the back burner and THC went back to class b. man i hate goverments.
yes, pm me :)
I just sent a message to their HQ in the San Francisco Bay Area. They'll be opening up in about 3-4 hours.
I asked about UK stock, or options to send their US stock to the UK. Also asked about pre-order options, etc. I reckon they're having an issue with their UK wholesaler atm. Very small startup, it seems.

Based on my personal experience with Californians however, most are very forward thinking and very earnest with regard to providing great customer service. I have a feeling that we can get a couple over here if we really want them. Will let you know what I find.
Here's an alternative that's in stock, but it is far more expensive than kitchensafe. I'll keep looking into it.
Yup. You're right. Sold out, if ordering from the UK. Plenty in stock if you're in the US. I'm thinking of ordering one myself, but am also UK based. If I find an alternative source on this side of the Pond, I will let you know. Keep looking.
OK. No problem. All is not lost. Have you ever considered those timer lock boxes? That may help with discipline. The only risk I see, is that when the timer ticks over and the lock box opens, you may start bingeing. Generally, though, this might be a way to go if you want to smoke only once a week?


(Opaque designs can be ordered too.)
Hey BD. Just checking in. Is all well? How is your plan going? If you've fallen off the wagon a few times, just get back on. Keep it up till Xmas. Good luck.
Seeds now available, Many great Strains, Worldwide delivery
Hi everyone,

Firstly, I would like to say thank you to all of my customers and your wonderful reviews are greatly received. It means a lot to know you're enjoying my products and that I'm helping people.
I work very hard on the products and service.

I am now in contact with a seed distributor in the Netherlands, I am offering feminized photo period and atuo flower types with many well known strains. Seeds are pick and mix so you can pick a selection that you want.

Discount is available on bulk orders and i am able to offer worldwide delivery.
Guess whos back...
Hey all,

We are back and have a great new menu. Sorry about the time away hopefully our new menu and cheaper prices makes up for it. We are still working on the shop so new images and descriptions will be coming in the following days.

Feel free to order and make sure you scroll all the way down on our shop page for full menu while we continue to rennovate.

Love GC