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I came here as a refugee from the original Silk Road. When they were taken down my favourite seller there, the Muskabuzz, came here instead of the darknet for some highfalutin reasons I don't remember. I've been back to the darknet many times and it always ends in tears. I've been ripped of by sellers and market administrators more than federales. I've only had 1 bad experience here and that was resolved so I decided to stick with this.

Local connections are great while they last, then someone gets married or moves and your starting over. Also variety is better online.
Bitcoin Cash Will Be Great For LB
Bitcoin cash would be a breath of fresh air to little biggy. Back to the days of low transaction fees. I for one would be happy to see it implemented.
How to Add a Payment Processor/Sell Items
Anyone can post an item for sale on little biggy but to charge money for it you need a payment processor. You can do this in seconds with these 2 steps:

1 - Have a bitcoin wallet address ready help

2 - Use the btc address to get a transaxe token at https://www.transaxe.com/register copy and paste it into the “payment processors” field on your “settings” page.

That’s it, you can now sell an item on little biggy.

little biggy is only a place to “post” items; if you want to charge money for them you need a payment processor. Some payment processors have strict visibility rules or reputation requirements, you probably will not be able to see them if you are new, this guide is based on receiving bitcoin payments via transaxe which is the most open platform available.

transaxe works on a “transactional” basis, you don’t really get much from them, just a way to collect payments from buyers and put them into your bitcoin wallet. Support is as minimal as the rest of the experience but the positive side of this is privacy. transaxe doesn’t know anything about you, your items, or your customers, just your reputation statistics.

transaxe doesn’t send the money directly to you, it goes to an escrow account at Escrow Suisse, mostly to protect buyers. Their standard policy is to release funds to you after 16 days or sooner if the buyer contacts them. If you do not have a little biggy reputation you may have more hoops to jump through to get your 1st releases. A lot of this fraud prevention stuff is not published but it is clear that you will be in good shape if your early buyers have a reputation and report back that they received your item. Any ambiguity with these guys is settled only by reputation.. The fees for transaxe+Escrow Suisse are 10% total.
RIZzy: How2 Ship Cannabis
service - use the public post

wrapping - vacuum sealing

package - presents as small business (printed labels and postage)
or gift (cute writing decorative packaging)

drop off - mail box preferred

return address - unrelated but realistic location

destination address - correct name and address

declaration - gift

more security - mylar, dvd casing, receipts

if you are doing this often - mix packaging and drop offs
In the 1970s Irish Banks went on strike. Pubs replaced them easily.
Before bitcoin there were publicans, pubs and small businesses kept ledgers and remarkably the lack of banking had no effect on the Irish economy.
Top 5 New Grower Mistakes
Great vid from LGSG
Now delivering to Europe and Ireland!
Hi guys,
We have added the option to ship to all European countries.
also added Ireland shipping to our standard shipping option available at base price.
We look forward to welcoming new and old customers.
Any questions feel free to message me, gladly happy to help
I want to grow this next

To make any purchase please REGISTER if you haven't done so already,

You will need some Bitcoins to make payment, the process is very easy to setup. Please click the GET BITCOIN link in my profile above to create an account for Bitcoins.

Once setup, select the product and the quantity you desire and click BUY, you will be forwarded to type your delivery address and then to our Secure Bitcoin payment processor Transaxe. There you will be given a Bitcoin amount to send & an address to send the Bitcoin to. Open another tab to your Bitcoin wallet and send the EXACT Bitcoin amount stated, to the Bitcoin address that was given by Transaxe. Once Bitcoin has been sent, your payment will be confirmed and we will contact you to confirm your order.
They lost more than 1/3 to Stalin’s reign of terror, due mainly to the fact that they had been disarmed. pk2 why don’t you put some effort into getting the facts instead of the liberal trash being spewed by mainstream media. They lost 25 million during WW2 and 40 million to Stalin’s tyranny.