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Exactly, this would be great as a daytime smoke might make it my new one :)
Yes defo interested bargain and eyeing up the Dutch sherbet import looks very nice RB all good!
Defo going to get some for the price
Cheap as chips
You cant even complain at that price, its dirt cheap and to be honest doesnt look half bad either. Really want to try this :)
It’s really not irrelevant that it’s Asia. From the very first moment you were taking a huge risk with an address like that. Even ordering anything from a reputable site / business internationally you can face a whole range of problems. Your dealing with multiple postal services. Exports, air freight procedures and then customs. I wouldn’t be dropping any large amount of money on here tbh.
Purple Baby
I got purple running through my brain this week. Radars Purp Dawg is fine example of the strain. Monster buds, fluffs up nicely and lovely earthy spice flavour. Absolutely stinks the place out. Killer stone. Had this one from him before and is still top notch. Excellent value, I highly recommend.
Must admit I didn’t give this one enough respect as it was a replacement, that i initially thought might be over sedating after a little pipe tester.
But, Respect RB!
Beautiful big buds(had to break down a bit for my storage method). Purple throughout, mixed with deep dark green. Incense and sweetness. The buds i had were very resinous and dense but ground beautifully. Burns well with clean ash. More sativa influence than initially gave it credit for on that first pipe hit. Not mashed but deep body stone with a good euphoria from a good old fashion bifter with enough clarity to function-sweet
Although I suspect my fridge will take a smashing tonight
Excellent stealth & delivery too
Nice one RB
how did the uk mail decide that there was an address problem outside their own country? what does that mean?
Having a similar issue at the minute with Radar, 2 orders missing. Hopefully we have a good resolution as I have had no complaints with service until now. I feel maybe Radar is too successful and is finding it tough to keep on top of things. Probably one of the most used vendors on site. Thinking I will move on tho once we resolve the current issues.
Hi Jamal.

That’s strange that it said return to send if it never left the UK (how would they know the address was wrong in foreign lands)? I’ve ordered many times from RB (shipping into Europe) and some have taken time to arrive but I’ve never had any issues with RB deliveries. I had an issue with a busted vape cart and he did replace this for me so from my experience his customer service is very good.

No consolation for your financial loss but I’d definitely order in smaller amounts going forward (I do just because of the legal risk of getting caught with more than 3.5g - it’s a pain to order more frequently but it negates the legal risk and the financial risk if it does get lost). RB is very clear on his no reship for lost international orders - it’s a risk we all take I guess.

You can only put this down to experience I hope it has not put you off the amazing vendors on this site.