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Thanks for the review and feedback, much appreciated always.
I agree and these are my fave carts atm
from  MarcusG1994
Yes apologies and 'item' own plus a little on the way. I can see where this occured as an honest customer notified us of receiving what you should have.
Here i am mate. Sorry for late replies. Will catch up on all messages soon. Just been so busy and the site was not working last night too. For quick replies please check my profile. Will reply before the morning and get you sorted.We dont have any customers that can say we didn't keep our word and will not start now.

At that time i was unaware of how to make it not available. The only options i could see were to edit to sold out or delete and i expected them back soon.
I have now discovered how to make it unavailbale.
Kusky's very close and our own jellies tasting better and better just want to make sure they have good shelf life.
Got some KUSHY on the way (search the net for KUSHY edibles). If they land that is.
We are working on some UK made ones as we speak too. Vegan friendly. Things have to be perfect before we pass them on and of course thoroughly tested by me :)
I had it tested mate, as i said just out of curiosity.
Sent the results to Sean who posted them for us all here.
it does say the name in the screenshot mate
the only ones i know to do it mate in Espania, without mentioning names
Surprised me to be honest and happy with the cbd level too.
Tested out of curiousity but thought i'd share the excellent results.

One thing i will say after smoking bud and hash ranging from maybe 10% to 30% it is not only the high thc rating that seems to stone no me so don't look at the thc rating alone to judge a smoke and we feel no need to only show high thc ratings or competing to have the highest.
Will be testing a couple more random strains in the future. We will post as they come.
Thanks for all the kind words and support from you all.
In all honesty i cannot answer that. We do go through a few batches but all same strain and same high quality. Sometimes a little less stable than others. This batch and next we have thin mint cookies whichis also top class and very stable.