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In all honesty i cannot answer that. We do go through a few batches but all same strain and same high quality. Sometimes a little less stable than others. This batch and next we have thin mint cookies whichis also top class and very stable.
So glad and proud to see people happy with our products and service.

Thanks and thanks to all
Thanks for the feedback. I do like this strain, funnily enough although every strain we have at my disposal i keep having a smoke of this one. Unique taste and definitely sits my ass down :)
Thanks for the positive feedback. I also like this one, it is fruity, potent and is nice for a night time indica smoke although i smoke all through the day :)
Thanks for the feedback. This hash also is my current fave and i can say i have never come across any pollen as nice and soft as this. Also as mentioned above it really is cheap for what it is.
Peace out
Thank you sir
I do love these myself.
To be clear on this subject we have the exotics and marios with all the engravings and we have some without. Both from the same supplier and we have even gone so far as to profesionally test the non hallmarked ones and they did show safe and very simialr contents to the hallmarked.
We are trying to sell the non marked ones first and then will only stock fully hallmarked.
I can confirm it is us sir in the flesh. Started at alpha bay with our Fromage Blue. Glad to have found you.
Hi sir,

Nice to meet you all. I am encouraged and pleased to see the warm response from all on here. Thank you.

We are very busy so please bear with us for replies to messages and we are still getting use to the system here.
We can acknowledge all orders are sent. Orders received before 10 am go same day without fail, after 10 am next day despatch. Tracking is supplied or info if tracking only if item is late or any issues.
We always do as we say and strive to give best quality product and service.
Of course we are human and however rare mistakes may happen but we always do everything possoble to keep the customer happy.
We hope to have a long time here serving the society.