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MJ Does it again. Bloomed canna chocolate - an Item I purchased, not a freebie!
This is a practice run for MJConcentrates new Canna Chocolate bars. The originals were great, small and with 100mg of shatter per bar of 8 chunks.

The new bar is 300MG per bar of 24 chunks.

The New Packaging looks really good and I am pretty sure if the package ever split, using eyes only, the Post Office would never know what it is other than chocolate.

Once the package is opened then the smell tells you that there is some top shatter in this chocolate.

At 1850 I decided to down tools and stop work, eating 2 chunks I waited for the outcome.

Played with the dog in the garden for 10 mins and was in pain from my old knackered body, back indoors and caught some Youtube vids.

1920, pain has lessened and a little bit of a buzz going on.

2009, made my dinner with a bit of a buzz going on. Sat down ate my dinner. Took plates to the kitchen, well I tried!

The high, well It crept up and waited and as soon as I stood up it hit me hard with a good head high, problems focusing and concentrating on vids.

A great relaxed body feeling, a bit of a nice tingle on the fingertips.

I am going to admit, this is definitely one of the nicest highs I have had in a very long time.

2039 I made it to the kitchen, forgot what I went for. Sat back down to watch vid, saw dishes, knew they were important, but not why!

2055 Made it to the kitchen with plates, giggled at myself for 10 mins.

2130 Thank god I bought fruit, I may have just had a weeks worth of my 5 a days. Makes a change to chocolate cake, crisps and bourbon creams. Now I am off to bed, lids are heavy but had a really really good high which is mellowing out now and I am feeling chilled.

MJ, thanks I am so looking forward to finishing work again today so I can eat more chocolate :)

If the price stays the same when you are happy with this new bar then you can count me in as a very regular customer.
It is soooo good to see you have all had your dose of Sativa today ;) :)
Thanks Black Dragon. Yeah I have looked at US but so far nothing.
Lol true, maybe 300mg would be a bit too much in one quick go. Maybe a whole bar over 24 hours.... Good job I work from home! MJ, if you are ever down my way let me know. Will get you a coffee.
Does anyone read these posts? :D
MJ, I just had too. These look too good to be true. And at 300mg I will be blooming after a bar too :D
Morning Guys and girls. Does anyone have any THCa Isolate or can anyone get any?
Mate, they are great, thick chocolate and a peanut budder centre. A really nice high that creeps a little to the top of your head.
Wonka Chocolate Bar
I am sure I saw a Wonka Chocolate bar on here this morning, 450mg Infused into the chocolate. Or was I imagining it?
Testing MJ's Budder Cups
This is my personal review of a Freebie I received from MJ, MJ has not paid me nor offered me anything for this review, it is totally my own view.

I had a half of the cup and wasn't feeling or tasting anything but Peanut. So after about 40 mins I downed the other half. about 40 mins later I felt like someone had snuck up behind me and smothered me in a soft fluffy hug! An hour later I had to go and climb under my duvet. about 2 an a half hour high watching The Happytime Murders on Netflix and then I woke up feel fucking really good.

If you ever start offering Budder Cups on here, then I will defo be buying.