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Hi mate give me a pm. Got some coming in.
Gods connect had some jungle cake by jungle boys. Think his shop isnt back up yet but Hit him up when hes back on.might be able to help.
Royal Mail has been a bitch recently, it’s taken a while for any of my packages to arrive, regardless of whether I purchased from LB or not. I think it’s just up to them to play catch-up like Gods Connect said.
Cheers bud, it was unreal. Kids loved it and so did I, plenty for everyone to do. My missus is type 1 diabetic so we had a thing called a green card which meant no queuing, straight on everything and it really made it a holiday of a lifetime. Some of the rides were 3mins long and had 75min wait times. Think it would have been different holiday having to queue. Up at 6 and out to lake for couple of j’s, used carts while in the park and plenty of places to smoke at night away from everybody.
Your in good hands with the pope mrspock great service and quality
I use Coinbase to buy crypto. Still searching for a cheaper option in the UK.
Ratings and reviews are what really counts. Anybody can make a stink but the truth always prevails.
If less than 10/10 feedback for our services, please contact us, Goodies for feedback suggestions!

We have recently had a few not so good feedback ratings. These are all from our 1g samples so we are not sure if its tactical or the customer genuinely didn't enjoy the product or our service and the actual feedback is left blank.

If you have left < 10/10 feedback, please get in contact with us on how we could of improved your order, genuine improvement and suggestions that we implement will result on free stuff with your next order or free samples of new stuff we get in.

Who ever left this, please contact us immediately, we want you to be satisfied with your order and need to know why it wasn't up to your liking.

6/10 Holy Grade: Spicy, Menthol Clean Morrocan Hashish
rated today took 2 days to arrive

Another thing to mention, if you are for any reason unsatisfied with your order, contact us first rather than leaving a bad feedback. We want to do everything in our power to satisfy you and we can't do that if you have left us negative feedback without letting us know why or that there was even a problem in the first place.

We are here to work with you and to continue providing the best service and products on Littlebiggy we will do anything to make sure that is the case, just let us know!


Pope of dope is a scammer and cannot be trusted. Why are you recommending him?
Yep u are showing your mate I have no problem with you but your hate campaign is really pathetic