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Nominate for termination
We all know this seller is sweetdreamz so we need to get this scumbag of here. The way he writes his post along with the grass he had for sell the first day he came back shows its him. Purge him now before he gets up to his old tricks.
We are new vendors
What's going on all.
I'm starting as a vendor
I will be selling small as grams for people to try out.
Hope you come a try us out. More new items will be added soon.

Different flavoured hash
CBD cream
Much more
1gram pure pre-roll x3 $25
I'm doing a deal x3 1gram pre-rolls for $25 grab a bargain.

Purple sorbet
Lots of treats available
Power brownie squares 300mg and 200mg couch lock bars
Hi mate we do custom orders on whatever we have listed. Can always work a deal out

Pretty much across the board, fb, insta and reddit.
About 2 months, it really accelerated in the last 2 weeks.
Grade A vs Grade B PTW
Hey LB
I had RB’s PTW as one of my first LB purchases back when he had the B grade batch. Anyone tried both B and new A grade batch? (i see some photos of the new batch in reviews more uniform darker nugs). How do they compare guys? If even slightly more potent & flavourful than the B batch i think its gonna have to be a half for me as it was a very pleasant smoke and high. Let me know if anyone has any thoughts.
Any uk sellers of diazepam for sensible medical needs use. Pharmaceutical and blistered only.
Gods connect had some jungle cake by jungle boys. Think his shop isnt back up yet but Hit him up when hes back on.might be able to help.