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Tiramisu review (My 50th buy)
This is my 50th buy so wanted to get something special an boy was this special one of the best strains iv ever had. I got this from the pope of dope as they have in my opinion the best cail stuff on LB with good prices an fast post(must say it took 20 hours from order to door).
I must point out iv never had this before but it's like wedding crasher apart from a few differences which I will cover in this review so if I compare the two alot I'm sorry in advance :).

Upon opening the bag I was hit with a very gassy thc smell with a hint of extra sweet vanilla slowly coming throu like a cheese cake smell. After braking apart a medium size bud the gas smell really comes out of it an I start to get a smell I can only say is double whipped cream with berry undertones.
The weed is perfectly dried an cured + looks weĺl grown with lots of thc all over but quite abit of stork in the middle of the bud, that's the only downfall to this strain. (Abit like wedding crasher)

After taking back the first pull I'm hit by this amazing sweet taste with a shit load of gas. It was so smooth going down I started to think there wasn't alot of thc to it but I was so wrong, as I exhaled I could feel the thc working it's magic. The exhale reviled something to me that not only was this strong as f*** but my mouth was left with this sweet coating that left me wanting more an more.

The high is the same as wedding crasher only more intense an faster acting, this left me laying down not able to do anything for about 2 hours.

Side note:
I did ask the pope for something to knock me out a yes it worked so well I didn't wake up when smoking it so don't plan anything before smoking this coz you won't get any shit done trust me.

All in all what more can I say about this top shelf strain other than buy this before it's gone as I'm really gutted I only got an 1/8.

My verdict has to be a score iv only ever given to one other weed an it's drum roll



I don't get payed or are told what to write in any of my reviews if I don't like it or i have anything critical to say about any smoke I buy I will say.
Free Samples
I have some real concerns about free samples on little biggy. I understand they are a great thing and that in many ways the best form of marketing for everyone. But

#1 is free drugs for kids. I realise that lots of kids are clever enough to get their hands on bitcoins but the fact is that bitcoins are hard to deal with and a huge filter for who comes here, much more so for people without adult ID.

#2 It's done in exchange for reviews. Don't get me wrong the quality of experience posts around here is great and getting better all the time but the fact that you have to buy in order to review is a way to keep shilling under control. There must be a balance between mechanical feeling reviews and some of the off putting advertorial I see around here.

One thing I have noticed around on little biggy is the more conscientious and self policing we are the fewer borg/algorithms we have exercising blunt (no pun intended) authority.

On second thought I now intend to make that pun and exercise a blunt right about now. Yes.
Frank (and others like him) objectively help the community to an extent that greatly outweighs any hurt they are perceived to inflict. (Either purposely, or via unintended consequences.)

What is the real problem here, succintly stated? And what's the solution to whatever that problem is? Would it be to stifle Frank in order to remove the very remote possiblity of any harm he might inflict? Shut him down in order to protect the fragility of some individuals who might feel a little left out? Why and at what cost?

The cost would be all the value that Frank brings to this site and community. He is providing a service for all users here. Disincentivizing him to continue this service through unfair criticism won't rectify much of anything, but it is likely to make this site less informative and fun. Accusing the Rasta of shilling or whatever, isn't itself a service to the community. It's just the opposite.

I've dabbled in leaving a few reviews for fun. Always of items I purchased. I don't think that reviews of free samples are necessarily invalid however, and I don't think there's a super compelling example of shilling on this site. If Frank received a few free grams here and there, so what? It's peanuts for the value and time he adds.
We need to stop with all the drama here on lb, noticed alot here lately . Everyone should be grateful we found this community..
What a great thread, honestly!

Long time observer of the LB community and new seller here. About half of our reviews came from "freebies" - To be clear we asked for an HONEST review of the product, customer service, and stealth.

I totally agree with you in ways, but at the same time I would love to share my point of view as both a seller and buyer:

1 - I personally do not like buying things from sellers or items that do not have reviews. I want to make sure the item I will be receiving matches the pics and description and I also want to be sure the item will actually be shipped and received

2 - I do agree "freebie" reviews skew seller/item ratings (early on)- BUT it is the sellers responsibility to maintain the ratings by continuing to deliver on what was reviewed and is promised. Lets remember ratings and reviews are public - 1 negative review can ruin the 10+ positive ratings on that seller/item. And 10 freebies is not a cheap fix! So you better make sure you stay consistent with what you are offering if you want to continue to grow your sales

If someone who has great reviews starts to slack off, the community will know about it and they will see a big hit in sales. So I do give freebie reviews some merit - but end goal is to build trust in the community with our products we offer and ourselves as a provider

Some of our freebie recipients have already re-ordered and have generated full priced sales and reviews (seems like our biggest blocker is US shipping only -_- )

Its definitely been a slow start here but we take pride in our products and we use every review (as well as awesome threads like this) as feedback for all aspects of the business (shipping, stealth, communication, learnings, etc.)

We hope giving out a few free samples didnt offend anyone here. We love you all LB thanks for having us here and for all of the great convos we've had with you amazing people :)
Seriously impressive bud
Had to write something about this bud.

Appearance and smells are beautiful. Haven't had something quite like it. The blueberry comes through strong in this one. Subtle hints of liquorice too.

It's a strong one too. I have a bit of a tolerance and this really hit me. The high has has a happy buzz from the sativa side without any of the edge. Better than most of the stuff I've had in NL.

Also the stealth was the best I've seen so far. Really impressive.

I'm officially a new convert to the pope <3
Page not showing up?
Hi your page isnt showing on my front page it seems to have dissappeared along with a few other UK sellers? Is it just me or are other people having this problem? Thanks :)
Cannot see my item.
Cannot see item on wall. Im new how do i get my items visible? Please no weird stuff about writing and replying etc. I just want to know how to get items seen so i can bring my bargains to the customers. Thanks.
I honestly don't understand all the kerfuffle here. I really like reading and writing reviews myself. I haven't gotten anything for free, but I like to tell people about something good that I've found.

As you said, if some don't like them, don't read them * shrugs *
Here you go mate.