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Well, I've just vaped it.
sat back and thought, damn it's shit it hasn't done anything. Then that motherfucker creeps up on me.
Instantly proper happy, eyes tighten up, feel like I'm swaying on a waterbed.
TV is now life, for this is my couch and I am locked too it.

A high panda.
ENJOIPANDAS Forbidden zskittles PoD video
Hi all hope you're all well, just a quick look at some of the pope's forbidden zskittles I purchased a few weeks back,
Will update after I've tasted but all looks good, hope you enjoy the video.

The panda..
totally unacceptable in my opinion, if the parcel stunk of weed then seller should take full responsibility for poor stealth and a full refund given for starters.
please make sure this is made clear on your review. I for one will stay well clear of
JJ5637901 and others should be warned.
what a fuck up. I cant see old bill doing much about it, even if they do it will only be a interview so try keep a calm head
Means his shut up shop for a few days. Vendors normally give notice that they are going to do so. Don’t worry the pope will be back
He’s running low on stock man , so he makes his page private so no one else can buy , should be back up soon
Vendors should have the ability to cancel or refund an order via the orders page.
As mentioned in title - Vendors should have the ability to cancel or refund an order via the orders page rather than having to contact transaxe/ escrow as this is a timely service.

I believe it would help others also
Cheap Cali does exist and will be in the form of organic / sun grown or greenhouse. Cali is expensive because of how much time and energy is put into these small personally catered grows. That plus importing it is where the high prices come in. Besides really really top stuff sells at no joke $500 a Oz in the USA so when stuff of that quality comes here you bet your ass it's going to be expensive. Branded/unbranded can add to the prices but at the end of the day that age old saying of what you pay is what you get is especially relevant.
Popin' Ain't Easy!
While I'm torn at the moment with how I feel about an order taking over two weeks (regardless of personal circumstances) But! You have to hand it to the Pope, his menu is bangin' and also his services on my last two orders with him were faultless. Many of the veteran members who use The Pope have had his back big time recently so I'm guessing his quality of service has historically been impeccable too!

Anyway, my order reached me today (one I've been looking forward to for the full duration lol) Thank you Pope, I hope you're on the mend now mate and will eventually be up and running back to your usual self.

Is this Tangerine Dream Nugget a pretty sight or what? ooft!

(Not Google images, I just felt a peice of paper with my screen name written on it was going to detract from this thing of beauty :))

Peace, love and festivities!
Mac Cali Divorce Cake Cali
Hi peeps Newbie .. first order.. Amazed!!! Not just of the weed , that it all works . Thanks people the posts gave me the confidence in this.

Mac Cali Divorce Cake Cali

I'm really loving the citrusy taste and smell .the Mac is A1 .. The divorce cake hits my throat first pull then goes ( hoping it's the high THC ). Dam it knocks my socks off!! And tasty!! I'm torn between the two .

Caspa OG next ??

Any thoughts ?? :)
There is an onion (only accessible by tor) fork of little biggy that will work,