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great review bud

honoured your 50th buy was with us
it's bought the only free samples I've ever given out here are for 4-aco-dmt and once for peanut butter breath; every other review on my page is from a buyer
Thanks for the kind words
Can support/long term members shed any light on why my page isn't visible to people and how I can prevent this from happening in future?
seems a few others are having this issue too :(
yeah will be replenshing the menu tonight (12/09) keep your eyes peeled :)
great idea, thanks
"additional items only" is for additional items only!
please guys only pick the additional items option if you have already paid for one item and you wish to add others to your order. It slows down the processing of your order and I will not send it until I receive what is owed!
yeah i've notcied certain works seem to set the filter off; latest one being "weekend" for some bizarre reason haha

think it needs some adjustment
anyone heard of bullionaire vapes?