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sorry I've been terribly ill, I have shut shop to reply to all messages I will reply to you in DMs
aye shop is closed for time being need to sort out late orders ,etc
let's see if i can grab a few packs before christmas :)
beautiful pictures mate, hope you enjoyed it?
good to be back!

let's get this show back on the road :)
Shop closed from 28th October - 11th November
Some personal stuff I gotta take care of :(

All orders have been sent

Will have plenty of cali and even some UK grown on my return
will have a look and see bud
♩In the JUNGLE the mighty JUNGLE, the CAKE is here again!♩
message the vendor from your account; you shoud be fine regardless
yep that sounds like ego death buddy; good to hear you handled it well though always best to let these things take their course rather than trying to fight it. However I must suggest you don't take 50mg at once! I have a few mates who have, some very very experienced with psychs, and without exception they've all said it was way too intense and something they would not be repeating.