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looking into cali edibles

got dank vapes on their way :)
watch this space :)
Jungle Cake, London Poundcake & Sirius Black are my favourites. Got Jungle Cake & Poundcake coming; still searching for the Sirius...
little update...
Hello all and thank you for your patience...

Blueberry Muffins 10 and Sundae Driver are to be listed in the next few days. Both top tier cali smokes I am sure you will all love!

Jungle Cake should be in next week; I've never had a chance to sell this in smalls as my bulk buyers tend to eat up shipments right away but ordered enough to fulfill demand for everybody. Praise be!

Is there anything in particular anyone would like us to stock/see if we can acquire?
used one of these with a bong the other day and I am oh so nearly a convert! High didn't seem as strong as a joint but at the same time it felt much stronger; hard to describe but I am definitely intrigued
lovely picture that!

thanks for the review, stay blessed
1) I did not refuse to rectify. I simply said remove your several comments UNTIL it is sorted. If it isn't to your satisfaction then fine leave bad feedback but going off on one beforehand makes no sense.

2) You never give me a chance to respond. I asked if you wanted to rectify yesterday afternoon. I log in this morning and you've sent me disgusting messages and gone off on one again. I would understand if I'm leaving days between the messages but I'm not.

3) Nobody has been scammed and nobody will be scammed by me. I have 1000s of sales elsewhere and you included 5 bad feedbacks.

I'm fed up with this drama, I'm here to sell end of.

I messaged yesterday about 4pm and asked whether you want to rectify or continue causing drama. I log in the next morning to a waves of insults in my messages and more posts on my wall calling me a scammer and saying I do not want to rectify :/

You clearly do not want to rectify. I will let me service do the talking from now on
mate you didn't wait for my reply at all, you've made a number of posts and your message to me came across as an extortion attempt. I even replied to you within 2 hours so it's no as if there was potential you thought you were being ignored
is that allowed on here?

it's very similiar to shrooms and I *think* it would fit in here but let me know if not. I cook them into delicious edibles for a truly heavenly experience