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Hell to the YEAH!!! DIUK have been top shelf all the way and man that Canadian Candyland was just epic! And I’m with you on that one it was one of THE best bit of bud I’ve ever had in 25+ years of toking this wonderful plant. Oh man if DIUK get hold of the Candyland I’m going to remortgage ma house for it hahaha!!! XD
Oh yeah I forgot to mention on my last order which was for one and a half ounces of black cherry soda and half ounce of red lebanese hash, DIUK sent it all out in the same day if ordering (thumbs up for that one!) unfortunately however RM only delivered 3/4 of the order and half ounce of bud was still missing after two weeks. I spoke with DIUK and as per normal, their comms where great, they asked if I could see if it comes in the next couple of days and let them know. I left it 4-5 days and still RM didn’t show up (damn you RM!!!) spoke with them again and the guys gave me a full refund for the value of a half ounce of the bud! WOW!!! You don’t get that every day, some will say sorry it’s outta my hands some will say na fuk off, these guys looked after me, they could of said na mate you’ve had it and are trying to pull a fast one! But I like to think that I’m an honest trust worthy guy and would NEVER try and pull a fast one, take the piss! or even call them out in public without even speaking to them. DIUK have earned my respect big time and will continue to get my wonga especially with the bud they have! Big up DIUK and keep bringing the pain!
You my guys! It really infuriates me when you see such bullshit being thrown around like it’s no one’s business and then all these little wanna bed try and jump on the band wagon. You guys are OG! You know this game inside out and I for one respect that, today respect is earned, well DIUK have won my respect, those guys have been Uber professional ever since my first order with them, super orange glue by the way and how much of a banger was that bud!!! And they still Uber professional now. I for one look forward to seeing you setup safely and bring on those bad ass strains that be fookin’ folk!
Stay safe guys 8)
From day 1 they came here I never had an issue and when there was a mistake they always solved it and acted like they care about You not the Money. Respect for true professionals here Drugs inc.
Good man, perfectly said mate! We are all in this together but some people just don’t give a damn and as they sat behind the keyboard and monitor they all of a sudden have this bravado about themselves! Hmmmm okay let’s see these keyboard warriors actually personally interact in the same way they do on here face to face, I tell ya what bud none of them would show up (but they will tell you otherwise - from their keyboard of course!)
Come on peeps we don’t always get what we asked or paid for but don’t berate a vendor publicly without discussions with them first, if you have a problem THEY WILL HELP YOU! Just speak up, simples!
Not necessarily my place to comment on this as I’ve not had the pleasure of ordering from DIUK just yet. I unfortunately missed that lovely looking Strawberry and couple of other bangerz.

When I first discovered Little Biggy, I liked just how transparent people were and I like the community feel that the whole site gives. That feel goes between vendors and customers. But all of a sudden lately theres been some mad dog witch hunts going on and I’ve genuinely felt bad for the likes of DIUK.
Business is business and every business has some dark days but not every business tries to right their mistakes. From my understanding these guys have gone above and beyond at all times.
We gotta remember the whole country is suffering shortages of everything right now and the weed market is no different. It’s tough times and tough times can create bad feeling but a little bit of slack can help a vendor especially when the issues people have had are being put right so efficiently.
It’s too easy to pull the trigger on a bad experience and paint an over exaggerated picture of that experience or tell the entire world about it but that can literally cripple a business. Bad news travels fast and seems to be listened to much more than good news. But naturally people tend be a lot slower to broadcast the positives.
Much respect to DIUK!
The strong survive and I can’t wait for some of them epic looking strains to surface again. Hopefully I’ve got a full bank account when they do! Haha.
From what I’ve seen and read the goods are nearly always top notch and so is the service.
For those years of good service a little bit of returned positivity can go a long way.
So fair play to Snag for starting this topic! It needed to be done. Keep the little biggy community spirit alive and keep a good vendors head above water in difficult times.
Felt I needed to get my 2 pennies worth in there... and I hate politics! : D
Keep up the good work DIUK.
Big pat on the back to Snag!
Yes mate, well said. Every order I have had from DIUK has been absolute fire. The Canadian Candyland was some of the best weed I have ever smoked
Damn guys! I hope you are all okay and safe from these dodgy dealings! This is like the second vendor in about a month that has had an almost serious compromise. Thankfully they too where able to nip it in the bud (no pun intended there! XD) hopefully all goes well with the move guys, big big thank you with your assistance earlier today, as always it’s appreciated, stay safe guys 8)
My first lot didnt make it unfortunately. But after a couple of messages back and forth drugs inc sent out another lot which arrived in a couple of days. I've never had a bad bit of bud from drugs inc and always found them to be nothing but professional when messaging with them. They are my go to on littlebiggy, and I hope they will be back to trading as usual soon. Much love.
Big up guys great vendor hope you guys are safe and well, see you soon