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Sun is shining and a surprise care package just landed in time for the weekend... for that extra little bit of choice on the menu old favourite PREMIUM FRUITY PEBBLES...
Enjoy the positive weekend vibes everyone...
Much Love D I
i know of people that take half and enjoy that but i cant tell how you would react due to tolerance with everyone is different..
what i can say though is there are 25mg in each dopal...
1 thing to remember is they can take 45mins to an hour roughly to kick in so dont take 1 and then think its not working straight away..
i hope this helps
warm regards
d i
Thanks matt and Big up yourself too;)we are really trying our hardest to get things out as quick as possible this year infact we are really going to try and improve in every area...
These words make it all worth while...
Have a blessed weekend my friend
hello mate...i will definitely be putting the feelers out for that one now youve asked ;)
Just an update incase you was waiting to order..
weve had to put 2 of the new flavours on hold until next week just for logistical reasons.
But you wont be disappointed with whats coming;)
We are challenging ourselves this year to bring the community as many flavours as we possibly can....
I can see us turning into the pic n mix shop soon enough with the new flavours that are coming;)
Pass the custard... crumble is back on the menu;)
I thought we drew a line under this but now it seems you would rather spread negativity across our pages than accept our offer....
We have reshipped no questions to you and you said that didnt work so we thought a refund would be the best solution but thats not good enough either...
What in your eyes can put this right?
In life we cant change the past and in the world today there is far to much negativity so come on mick what puts this right for you?
We dont want to fall out with anyone ...
Warm Regards
from  Gazatron
Hello sir here is an update for you.. we should be revealing it friday fingers crossed....
We are trying to secure some fruit pebbles today ...
The gorilla blue didnt pass quality control so that one is not incoming...
Saying that on top of the 3 flavours this week we are trying to secure even more next week for you guys....
Warm Regards
Premium Critical Cookies back on the menu ;)
Hello sir i have privately messaged you regarding this...
We have informed our postal department and will be completely changing the sorting offices from which we use just to be on the safe side although this is pretty rare hope this puts your mind at ease
warm regards
d i