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hello sir

sorry to hear. we have messaged you back and things are always resolved.

Love you all. Enjoy the week x
sorry guys will try upload today.
Don't be sorry sir, its good we can share and these topics can other peoples mind at rest through our transparent communication.

kind regards
hello sir

thanks for your message. We have many messages to get through and do not operate on weekends. You sent your address through a message which is the same thing as having it in the order details, but i will go ahead, open it and delete as you have requested. Please also remember we have offered you a more than fair resolution which is going to be a loss on our behalf.

Hope you have a good weekend.

Warm regards : )
Super Strawberry sir
The black lime did not make it, sorry guys. The Choc Gelato is probably best smelling and tasting bud we had, same growers as the super orange glue.

kind regards
Thank you for your support sir ; )
Hey LB family,

The growers are back to impress. Black lime private reserve is back and mint chocolate Gelato has come to say hello also. Bigger costs on the Gelato but wont affect the community. Hope you enjoy.

Warm regards ; )
Sorry to hear sir. I know we all are separate vendors trying to make a living, but within that there can still be a certain level of humility, respect and unity. Wishing you bright future.

Kind regards
Negative Feedbacks and Disputes
Hey Guys,

If you have any issue with your order please do contact us first. I am not sure if other vendors are trying to push our ratings down (wouldn't be surprised) but we have had unnecessary feedback without any communication. All messages regarding missing orders are checked but please be patient with us, we are a small family team and we try our best to keep everyone happy.

We even had LB contact us with a messages from a buyer saying we are scammers and that many people have been scammed by us. I hope other vendors aren't causing these problems because its just not necessary. Focus on yourselves and enjoy the LB experience.

Warm regards