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Gimme the weed so I can take it away
Money. People with money. Big business. Are the only ones. Politicians will always curtail to their wishes. It's already happening though. The big Green companies in America/Canada are funding the media campaigns at the moment (oil for sick kids, CBD etc.) The Tories moved pretty quickly from staunchly objecting to rushing through legislation. The weed leaf motif is moving from "hippy symbol" to "health symbol" pretty quickly. It's no longer just the cheap bandanas, lighters or t-shirts. It's in supermarkets, pound shops, vape shops, health food shops, it's pervasive. Plant plastics, climate benefits, hemp cottons, CBD products, food stuffs, the list goes on of the advantages. Soon enough the image of the "Chong" style stoner with the weed t-shirt and the massive joint aren't the symbol and the benefits can't be ignored. That's when change will happen and we're almost there. A few more steps along the road is decriminilisation.
Who do i have to talk to in order to decriminalize cannabis in the UK / GB?
TGT *Premium* Gelato Review
Hey Biggaz!! It's nice to be here to finally say, I HAVE A GOOD ONE!! :D After a few shocking weeks (nothing TGT related) I was almost losing faith in LB! BUT!! Here comes The Green Team to rescue us all from the darkness of fresh/damp/odorless/tasteless/weak weed!!!

GELATO - First up, this stuff stinks!! It's potent aroma can't be ignored! Deep, Earthy and Fruity notes to finish! Stick your nose in the bag and take a deep breath! It's heaven! Especially if you love those danky dank scents! No haze here!!

The prominence of the Sunset Sherbet is outstanding! And the creeping strengths of Girl Scout Cookies are so pleasurable! I am a huge fan of Gelato! If you have been lucky enough to try a few of the sister strains, I would liken this one more to 41, than say 33 or Chocolate Gelato. Which is great! As 41 is the strongest ;) up to 31% THC it has been known ;)

The smoke of this particular crop is smooth, delicious and temptingly morish! Not too dissimilar to Cherry Pie that TGT wielded a few weeks back! The flavours are like dark fruits. Blood orange perhaps. Slightly tingly on the tongue as the smoke washes around your mouth on the inhale. Beautiful sourness on the exhale. Almost like that cheesey tingle...but MUCH more pleasant in taste! Emphasis on that!!

The high is weighty. I am feeling myself drifting into deep thought and snapping out of a day dream! I have couch lock and feel very heavy. All good rings for me! Tick! Tick! Tick! All the boxes!!
I think you would enjoy getting into a good long documentary after smoking this. It's certainly the type of weed that gives you a want to stay still, warm and have munchies nearby! Probably not the best day time smoke if you are not a regular toker! This one is the shizz for strength! I cant fault it! Even as I type this review I am having to reach out and recollect My thoughts! Ahh GSC you are a beautiful mumma strain :D

The packaging and delivery speeds were exceptional! I always know My money is safe with TGT and their stealth is unmatched! I've had some dodgey packages lately from other vendors that put me on edge! Nothing but reassurance from TGT methods of packing and sending! My order was also on weight. Bang on in fact!

Regarding communications - TGT are very busy but always seem to manage to find the time to respond within 24hrs, and politely, with understanding and care! Again...No issues when it comes to reaching out! Whether it has been for minor issues or to chat!

Overall Rating -

Bud Quality/Weight - 10/10
Taste/Smell - 10/10
Delivery/Stealth - 11/10
TGT overall - 10/10

I would HIGHLY recommend TGT as a vendor! They always seem to source the best quality erbs, keep *most* of their prices very reasonable (covid, you bastard *waves fist*) and their packages arrive in good time, with the best packaging ive seen on LB! You cannot go wrong spending money with these guys! Even their edibles are getting the TOP reviews here lately!! Awesome work from The Green Team!! By far the best seller on LB! (And no...they aren't paying me to big them up hahah)

If you love Nice, Strong, Tasty Weed - Look No Further ! A+++

I hope you have enjoyed My review! Thank you for taking the time to read it! I hope it helps you with you choices when making future purchases!

Mwah! Happy 420 <3
Wahey, great news mate! Congrats :)
I know fs

but the theory is if you use drugs you’ll be more likely to be thinking about getting the drug rather than getting working

lack of focus, a liability etc....not always the case but usually the way it goes with hard drugs
No worries! Some sites do actually breathalyse in the mornings. Best to be careful! But some jobs really arent worth selling off your enjoyment for ;) hope it works out either way buddy :)
You may find your friend gets tired of giving you fresh samples every day or 2. If tests are random this might be even more problematic having to store it. Just food for thought ;)
And they are quite the fashion statement xD
Wear long johns to keep it from slipping out the leg if it comes lose...just an idea

Tread with caution lol