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Man I am pumped for this beauty to land....hopefully the smell, taste and high lives up to the photos as it looks phenomenol!
Ive chucked in an order for the sour poison so will report back with photos once it's landed
This stuff is real nice...this and the snowball both in the 'treat' section of my stash collection!
If ordered next day delivery then they will have tracking so I have no doubt they will put you right if lost...I wouldn't worry about it going out of stock either as they seem to have a constant supply.

All you can do is wait for a reply, inconvenient but you you know your BTC will ultimately be safe and highly doubt it would come to that anyway.
Close up
Killer Haze
These guys are have earnt a rep for always having banging ammo haze. They say dam quality and so far over a few batches have always hit the mark for me.

Consistency is something a lot of vendors struggle with and these guys have it nailed! When you want something high grade you know you will get it from these peeps.

My last order I was informed they were in a good mood so they had upgraded my 3.5g to this beastly beauty! Needless to say it smokes as good as it looks....and it certainly put me in a good mood too!!

Much love (and keep banging out the high grade)!
Organic Outdoor Flowers
As we are approaching the end of the UK summer, are their any vendors that have or can source any high grade organic outdoor flower?

If high grade I for one would be all over this

Much love
I prefer the SSSH to the Tahoe to be fair too, although not had a recent batch of the SSSH
Sorry PF....you keep finding my ancient reviews! This one was from 2/3 months ago.....was good and reasonably priced/better value than most....

I'm probably going to go with their ghost Train next order I think....good reviews so far
The glory years!!! Love this, those hot knife days were hilarious! Heating a glass bottle over the hob, dunking in cold water so the bottom comes clean off, and holding that over two hot knives and shit bit of hash!!

Either that or hitting the 3 footer!

Need a vape for stealthy outdoor hits....the me of yesteryear would be saying fuck that I've got a homemade can pipe for that....poking holes with a nail then flame on the can!

Crazy to think what I used to do and now complain about not absolutely perfectly cured, flushed and trimmed weed!