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this might be a tough one! will see what we can do.
Thank you very much for the order! we have some THC caps we can send you. Thanks!
we cant wait either!
thank you for the kind words. we have many more products we will be listing for you guys.
hi! we do ship to uk. if it does not get snagged leaving the USA, it usually gets there. recenetly out of about 80 packs we sent in the past 2 months international we lost 2 packs after they left the usa. let me know if you have any more questions. please let me know. thank you
New here! Go easy on us!
Hello Society! Wanted to send a big thanks to 1st Nat'l Dispensary for setting us up here. We have been around for a bit and are happy to be here and able to serve you. Still getting the hang of this site. We will be updating listings soon as well. If you have any questions or want a certain product, please let me know. Thank you! VH