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I think that you are smoking too much of the same stuff and the stuff you smoke now is too high in THC with only little CBD. I experienced about the same at some point in time smoking Super Silver Haze.

That stuff was so strong and contained that much THC that I got completely hyperactive and smoked a whole ounce in one day. Whatever else I smoked then was like smoking grass. It did not do shit.

So I drove to my 'Guru' near Amsterdam that introduced me to fat Indica dominant strains with a THC/CBD ratio of 40-50/60-50. And after smoking 2 or 3, I was sleeping on his sofa. I returned home after 3 days of testing/tasting and the urge to keep smoking was gone.
At the end of the bag...
When I first get a bag of weed it is like heaven. I usually get a new pipe, bong, even lighter or at least I clean the old shit for I am entering the gates of Heaven. And that's totally where I am, especially if it is good stuff, it's like for days nothing can go wrong.

About 10 days later at best I'm starting to get seriously diminished returns like to the point where I'm smoking it just to barely hang on to what I had and even more not to collapse.

The weed is becoming something that is just there and like a bag of Doritos I've gotta finish it even though the thrill is gone it's like I want to get rid of it by consuming it now.

FUck you bag for doing this to me for raising me up to the sky and then letting go. Fuck you. I love you.
Thank you :)
Yes we can confirm no delays our side. Just rididculous delays with some first class. PLEASE PLEASE use (ndd) next day tracked option to avoid delays. Considering offering only that if delays continue. Also we can reassure customers we will be around for the first week of our break for messages.

We thank each and everyone of you for your business, support and making us welcome here. Wishing you all a great xmas and all the best for 2020. We will be busy stocking up to come back as good as ever and hopefully have a great selection of hash around the beginning of 2020.
The first time I played I was fucking terrified of the locals ahah
Thankyou for doing that RB
Great work RB.. I'm still waiting for a few orders but am confident they will show.. the NDD only from now seems like a good idea, so everyone will get their Christmas bits in time with any luck! :) just want to say how epic your free postage normally is tho, when it's not xmas it normally turns up next day anyways so please consider changing it back after new year? :) Have a great christmas team RB and thanks again for all your hard work and great customer service!

Don't panic if your RB package is delayed
Mine turned up after 11 days, and my mail is *never* delayed. The envelope hadn't been tampered with and there was nothing else suspicious about it, so there was no need for my week of worry after all. If you're waiting on a package from RB, relax. It'll turn up.
You went about setting up with text book precision, professional looking page with option of smaller sample deals to start and comms with your buyers, an example of how to go about it to others. Good luck with your venture here

Thank you so much guys, we are really overwhelmed by how welcoming everyone has been, and by how many of you are willing to give us a chance and buy our products that we just listed yesterday. The trust you have put in us as new vendors on here means a lot and shows great character from everyone in the LB community.
We appreciate the trust you have put in us and hope to be here for a long time sharing our great bud with you and being part of the family.

We are going through all orders today and will all be posted this afternoon, can't wait until everyone receives their goodies.


Everything's better with a bag of green XD