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Only had it a few weeks (I'm on PS4, not steam) so I couldn't say if there's anything new. But I am enjoying it. Just getting my head around mechanics of log moving and whatnot. No longer afraid of the locals.
Does anyone play The Forest?
How did your purchase go? Are you an LB convert yet?

I've just put in my 4th order . All have been from Rare Breeder and are spot on. Quick, reasonably priced and super stealthy.
Third eye
This is a little bit out there. But does anyone know much about the Pineal gland and activating the third eye?

I'm not a spiritual person, but I have had the odd trippy high that really felt like I'd activated something and have been chasing that kind of high again
Amen to that. I've only been on here a couple of weeks but I completely agree. To have all these top quality strains and reliable vendors. (Massive shout out to Radar Breeder who instilled confidence in a new buyer with their great service and outstanding produce).

But also to the community as a whole. Everyone here is so cool, friendly and helpful. If only all aspects of society were this nice to each other.