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Hi, I have severe osteoarthritis in both my hips and lumbar spinal stenosis, I can honestly tell you thc works miracles. I’ve been buying the canna chocolate from mj concentrates which is 100mg a bar. I take half of one square in the morning and a full square around 8pm. Since I’ve started doing that I’ve managed to quit taking codeine, pregabalin and naproxen. Occasionally I still may need to take an ibuprofen if I’m really bad. I’m a light tolerance person with weed and the amount I have doesn’t get me wasted but eases my pain considerably.
125mg would put me in a coma ?
Canna chocolate and rso
Just wanted to say to anyone new considering buying for first time, I can highly recommend mj concentrates. They’re so friendly and helpful, the order comes in great stealth packaging and I get mine next business day. I have chronic pain from my lumber stenosis. The chocolates and rso has helped me with my pain so effectively. I’m totally grateful for little biggy and mj concentrates. So thanks guys and keep up the good work!