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Hope To See You Back Soon Ron.I
Just a post to say I hope you're doing OK mate.

You've been totally sound to me from the start of my journey on here as a new vendor, and I just wanted to say that I'm sure you're missed by a lot of people, and to let us all know when you're back and that you're OK.

Much love to you and yours and stay safe brother.

Cheers BB
Weds 8th April - (if this is an old post i apologise but dating posts might help on here)

Hi Ron,

I'm in the same boat mate, running low anyway but posting every day is getting a bit too on top. Loads of coppers around my area and it's just too much hassle.

I really hope you're feeling OK mate and let us know when you're back in action.

I'm sure this will all get better soon.

Much love to you and yours.

Cheers. BB
im eagerly awaiting it my friend
guess you havent dropped in nottingham, there’s a sheriff there looking for this sort of thing.
come on just because his name has both scam and bs in it?
Nature boys packs
hello LB family,

we should also be getting nature boys packs tonight, just trying to arrange a pick up.

warm regards
It's corona, the huge slide in btc and people panic buying everything up everywhere I'm sure some sellers are going to come here thinking the same, if they make a few sales fast easy money in a time of a crisis. If lb was short of suppliers I could see this being baught but it's not like lb has a lack of sellers and much cheaper so I honestly think pricing should be lowered but that's up to the seller and whether he wants alot of sales or very few I guess?

(not a stab at the seller at all, if anything just some advice that lbers aren't lacking supply so I believe aren't panic buying as the wall is still full of items, having a high price mark on here probably won't draw much attention or sales your way, maybe if you came bearing bread and milk people would pay 2x the price atm).
(at time of writing with a sudden spike in the market which means the price is slightly lower its still almost 35 quid for 2g and that's without any fees some people will incur, didn't realise it was actually that high?!)
Way toooo expensive....
Gotta say, wouldn't pay that much for stardawg. Don't think many people will.....
crazy prices....
Just to warn everyone it’s quite possible that I could be Santa Claus it’s also quite possible that I see you when your sleeping and know when your awake but on a serious note tomorrow I’m getting a fire new strain and will be giving out 4 free grams just pay for postage. I’m doing this for the simple fact that a couple of people don’t like new vendors here and are trying to make life hard for me but we don’t have time for that shit so keep your eyes peeled tomorrow guys