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Cool, informative post. Thanks.

You probably(!) know this. The word “assassin” first popped up in English around the 16th century via French and Italian from this Arabic word “hashishin”, meaning “hashish eaters”, which at that point was the commonly accepted name of the legendary 12th century Isma’ili group of assassins which by then may have been wiped out.

I first heard about this while watching a screening of the film 'Performance', released in 1970. Turner (Mick Jagger) reads from a book about 'The old man on the mountain.' A valley is sealed and fortified at both ends and the athletic, cultured young men, the Hashishin, are doped and carried to the remote site, believed that they were in Paradise. They spent their days developing martial skills, and their nights with '..maidens who dallied with them so that they had what young men want.'

They were sent to carry out their duties of killing prominent people. Their fearlessness came from the belief that if they perished while executing (sic) their tasks, The Old Man would '... send my angels who will bring you back to Paradise.' Some good chaps to have in your corner, then.

The book that is featured in the film is 'Fictions' by the Argentine author, Jorge Luis Borges, though the reading is not in this collection of short stories. Anyone know where this text comes from?
Brilliant new stealth.
Mine just cleared through customs, so hopefully will get it by Friday.
Got myself and my mate this Leb., soft black and hand rubbed.
Can't wait !
Love Hashishin's wares, the smell and taste
always take me right there, to sunny, dry and hot Midleast.
You have defo got me intrested in this stuf now,got my black moroc from hashihin and its very nice but im liking the look of ur pic of that gold leb looks amazing so fink my next oder be that :)
Spot on.
Squidgy enough to vape well, best bodily high from vaping hash I’ve come across. Recommended.

Fkn knew I should have ordered 2.
Hashishin's golden lebanese
Have been trying to find decent authentic hash for a fair price online for a while.

Just wanted to jump on here and share a few pics of my purchase as I'm really thrilled with it and would hate for others to miss out.

I was hesitant about ordering from over seas but the tracking was visible the whole way, and it came faster than some orders I've had from my own country!

Hash is semi-firm, crumbles with little pressure and fluffs into powder. Very sweet on the nose, almost spicey. Tastes a bit subdued but again sweet, almost floral.

Strength for me is spot on, it's definitely ticking the sativa boxes. Energetic, uplifting, calming and thoughtful. That rare smoke where you're looking forward to collapsing infront of a box set, but end up inspired and pull the hoover out!

Cant wait til I can afford to try the rest of the menu.
The hash heads guide 14/01/21
Here is some links to all the hash I can find for sale in the UK.


Banana kush hash - hashtaguk

Rubio Maroc hash - hashtaguk

00 zero zero hash- hashtaguk

Nikol kush - hashtaguk

Ak47 - hashtaguk

3kiwi bubble hash - hashtaguk

Layer cake moroc - the provider

Mercedes dry sift - the provider

Nikol - the provider

Ak47 dry sift- the provider

Banana kush - the green team

Red Leb - the Green team.

Gold seal Afghan - the Green team

Orange kush - uk420

Banana zkittles - uk420

Scarface blonde - uk420

Trap eggs - uk420

Gorilla - uk420

Gorilla glue hash - radar breeder

Premium oil of Lebanon hash - drugsincuk

Mazar sharif hash. -Drugsincuk

Rif soft caramel - drugsincuk

Hash palm - hashishin

Hand rubbed Indian hash - hashishin

Golden sift Lebanese hash - hashishin

Premium leb - hashishin

Coffee hash - damnyboy501

Dark moroc - fessere

White moroc - fessere (new Italian vendor)

Moroccan dry blonde. Hootan
Wow. That's a pretty cool selection. I have only tried his lemon tree and Tom Ford pink kush. The latter is pungent as... Haven't had some of your hash palms but loved the honeyish maroc and diesels for mixing with the Tom Ford.