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Hi! what you referring to is the "Asāsiyyūn sect/order" of Hasan ibn al-Sabah who lived in the mountains of Persia and in Syria between 1090 and 1275. the tale which originated in the account given by Marco Polo in "The Adventures of Marco Polo" saying that "The Old Man kept at his court such boys of twelve years old as seemed to him destined to become courageous men. When the Old Man sent them into the garden in groups of four, ten or twenty, he gave them hashish to drink. They slept for three days, then they were carried sleeping into the garden where he had them awakened. When these young men woke, and found themselves in the garden with all these marvelous things, they truly believed themselves to be in paradise. And these damsels were always with them in songs and great entertainments; they; received everything they asked for, so that they would never have left that garden of their own will." and in this manner it's believed by some that they became so dedicated they would kill on commend for the chance to be back on this "garden".
This story is today believed to be a myth and might have been used to delegitimize nizari Isma'ilis sect(branch of Shia Islam)/hashish use in general, as there is no historic evidence that the 'asasiyun order' have actually used hashish.
The modern etymology of the word hashish is believed to be derived from the arabic word ḥašīš which means “hay" or "dried herb".
If you are interested on further reading about the 'asasiyun sect' there is a wikipedia article about it called "Order of Assassins".
Btw, today 'Hashishin' is a name for a master hash maker in some parts of the world and might have originated in afghanistan. cheers!
Thank you wind! for that wonderful review. enjoy!!!
No Branded Edibles :-(
So apparently littlebiggy doesn't allow publishing (infused) branded edibles for trademark violations. I'll be soon adding the great snacks and treats without violating trademark. sorry for the inconvenience. cheers!
Hi dave! I sell hash-oil edibles and recently added a line of some very nice branded snacks and treats which are infused in a unique manner that keeps their original shape and flavor (plus some nice hash oil flavor). I also have in store pure hash extracts which you can make your own edibles of, or dose directly under the tongue with. you are welcome to visit my shop. cheers!
That's a hard one, so many strains to choose from and all buds looks legendary. But, if I have to choose - during the day some Gelonade and golden leb to get a serious head buzz with blazing energy, after noon some hash palm with pink candy kush and night time some sherbacio with black maroccan. really hard choice as I'd love to test each and every one of the strains Hans have listed atm.
I'll trade with you hash for bud anyday as your merchant looks fantastic top shelf!
Hi Molloy! Thank you for the understanding, I'm happy you got it. a pleasure to deal with costumers like yourself. cheers!
I'm adding a video of the legendary 'Bubble man', presenting and explaining about pure hash joints.
I want to recommend this guy videos in general as he is a true master and an artist. along with giants like frenchy cannoli, kevin jodrey and more, which I personally follow their path of knowledge about cannabis horticulture. cheers!!
Yes, it does!
no paper central core mate, just a hole running through :-)