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Would you be doing the same with your edibles?
You Aren't entitled to anything, buddy. This is an illegal market. TGT aren't scamming lol
Not genuine. Not by a mile.
None of this stuff has ever been on the shelf in either northern or southern California. And if it ever was, it would have been years ago.
Yes on da Cali
Yes Green Team , Smashing it! , it'll be nice to see , Decent prices would go down well .
All the best for festive season!! I’ve only started buying on LB and was lucky enough to purchase the Malana very very nice and will keeping a eye on your site!!!Im a 55 year midnight Toker not easy to please but the malana certainly did !!thanks once again!!
Xmas postal delays
Just a quick post about my last order. Was sent signed for 1st class on 23/11. Contacted TGT after 8 or9 days to ask them to check the tracking number which said RM have my item and tracking will update when they attempt delivery. Two weeks passed and I'd pretty much given it up as lost then on day 16 postie arrives at door with it! Phew! TGT do a great job but RM can be real shit at Xmas so expect delays. Thanks for your help TGT!
TGT Medicated Clusters Review
Highly recommend these. Tried all the flavours and not had a bad batch. Half of one cluster will take the edge off and a full one will hit you heavily. Service is always reliable with these guys.
Vouch for great service
Hey all! Just wanted to say I promised myself I would refuse to purchase products from any vendor unless offered a recorded service due to a problem with a recent vendor. However I took a gamble with these guys and ordered some tasty banana haze with 1st class and it arrived within 2 days. Package was in a discreet dvd sized cardboard box, wrapped in bubble as well as being in a heat sealed pack, while the bud was in another bit of baggy. No smells, no chemically smelling liquids used to hide the smell either.

If anyone has doubts about these guys or any issues with postage delays, I think it is fairly safe to say there doesn't seem to be much of an issue with these guys, just buy from them, you will not be dissapointed! 10/10 will be back!
Wow! Great hash alert!
So happy to see this pop up, given the difficulties sourcing right now! Any biggie vendor managing to source hash right now deserves applause! Lets hope the difficulties sourcing resolve themselves soon and prices can drop back to a more reasonable level, eh?

So not only have TGT gotten another dry sift, but its my favourite strain too and I've hoped we would see another Lemon amnesia drysift (the last one was from a different biggie vendor).
Every dry sift from TGT has been top draw so far and I expect this wont disappoint either.

Grab it very quickly ,as I cant imagine this will be here for very long at all! Wish they had larger amounts priced up, but given the scarcity and how quick they will sell it anyway, I don't blame them for restricting sales to 7g.

My order was instant, and I'll be delighted to get some more lemon amnesia - hope you get some too!
Props on the promo. All items edibles included look pukka, very nicely presented.