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Thanks all but I have decided to go with a cbd full spectrum oil plus diuk gelato rso oil. He can mix 1:1 , I think that could be a good combo;)
If he is new to THC start low, 10mg max then increase the dose as he gets used to it
You can split the sweets up to fraction your dose hope that helps
Yes I am but am looking for something for my dad for chronic inflammation, cheers
If we can’t take the sweets without having taken them before,
How do we take them? ;)
Sweeties reveiw
I just got some nerds and millions bites from Emporium and seeing as they are a new vendor I thought I would share my experience. First of all communciation and service were great, even before I ordered he changed the price of these once I pointed out that they were cheaper from other vendors. Once I ordered he kept me up to date and explained the slight delay before I had to ask. I know a lot a people were wondering if these were the real thing and I can tell you they are. I had one and about an hour later I was floating and very chilled. Just be warned, these are legitimate creepers so dont get caught out. If your new to edibles I would start with a half as they are quite strong. I am pretty sure I am going to sleep well tonight. I don't use any bud anymore - its just too hard with kids in the house so I vape and use edibles and I am really glad to see some new edibles from a new vendor that has definitely started off on the right foot.
Yeah I agree! The weed shops in Vegas are something else!
Like living in the future
Cheers for replying
I always bring a few bags back from Vegas for that same reason! Usa product is a far higher quality
I’m going to take u up on 3 bags ??
Are these really from USA
Hi mate,
I see you’re selling https://cannatrustdelivery.com/product/nerd-bites-600mg-thc-cherry/

As we can see these cost $25 in usa so you selling them for $45 is fine by me as long as they’re real. We’ve had a few sellers on here buying the “official” bags and then just putting shit home mades inside the bags

Can you explain without giving away anything suspect (of course) how u can guarantee these are USA

As I’m very interested as is my mate
Cheers and all the best
Mate u shouldn't take everything so personally
Its fine mate ,I'm sure you'll do well seem trustworthy enough.good luck