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UK postage delays
Hey All, hope everyone’s keeping well!
Has anyone had postage delays in the UK? I’m waiting on 2 orders one was sent on the 23rd via 1st class and the other on the 29th NDD. The postie has been by today he dropped me some bills but no bud lol. I haven't contacted the sellers as I think it’s just down to bad timing and the current situation but I’m running out and could do with a top up.
Just wondering if others are having similar delays.
Ah that’s great, I was looking at the one DIUK & JJ have and at such a great price it could be a game changer for me.
I think I will order a syringe for a trial run as if this can help mitigate my pain in conjunction with smoking bud it has the potential to seriously help me, many thanks for your advice it’s very much appreciated:)
Yeah defo looking at DIUK at the min, going to read your review on JJ page for his RSO. I’d be happy to order from both as have had orders from both of them.
I am looking forward to seeing how it works, I will order some and see how we get on, thanks guys :)
RSO and it’s effects
Fellow bigga’s being that this is a very knowledgeable collective I thought I would try and pick some brains.

I now have to live with on a permanent daily basis chronic pain in my lower back following on from 3 surgeries to try to rectify numerous herniated discs on different occasions.
I have some permanent nerve damage too from it and it got to a point last year to where I don’t really want to go into it but it would have been grim.
I use weed on a daily basis and consume a fair bit I think each day to counter act the pain.
I have heard a while ago about RSO and how it is able to help deal with numerous afflictions, so what my query is, is has anyone used/ using, had previous experience with it?
What the effects of it like? I am very interested in trying it out but wanted to probe for people’s experiences with using it before getting some, squirt it in and then be comatose for 3 days!
Love me some gummies
Top idea - nice and reassuring, especially with recent discussion on potentially dodgy vape carts.
If I order tonight at some point will it arrive monday JJ?
They are beautiful mate I cannot lie! They should be posted by 9pm tonight again! The dojo is exploring links locally at the moment due to the corona’s shenanigans so we will have a number of strains come through every week until everything settles when added items will come less regularly. So there’s plenty of new stuff coming through for the next few months guys keep your eyes peeled!
Can't go wrong
Just wanted to big up JJ for his excellent service.
A first time for me buying from him, and first impressions are excellent. Man deserves credit. Guaranteeing ndd in times like this is brave, kept to his word. solid stealth, no issues at all. The weed is right up my street for being some fine dawg and having a beautiful stickyness to it. With that lovely purple running through and glazed beautifully with triches. Some will say its to leafy on the outside, but it really is no bother for me as under the few leaves is delicious goodness. Plus the price and delivery makes up for a few leaves. A really nice high, I look forward to ordering more strains from JJ and keep up the good work bro
Hope they’re okay for you buddy, if not just shout