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whats to be afraid about? transparency is good. He still charges less than many on here so is soaking it up in that respect. I like the NDD only approach, especially with tracking number provided and comms all he way there. Perfect for lockdown as no need for signature. Why bother with 1st class?
JJ one of best NDD imho. clear and works.
Sending you all the best JJ. Wishing you a speedy recovery.
oops - I so wish that posts were dated - I'm replying to old threads constantly!

Looks like you survived then! I'm glad :)
Aw man, so sorry to hear this. You were my first biggie purchase and always come across as a really nice genuine person.
Stay super safe, and don't panic about orders - anyone with any human compassion will understand a little delay given the circumstances.

Let us know how you are getting on when you can and I hope you get the all clear real soon :)
JJ’s cbd-thc tincture.
First off all I’m very high right now... https://youtu.be/Ph5psMQoirU this is what I’m listing too while writing this if anyone cares ( seen a few people do this) I love my music and smoking and music and playing music while smoking I have no idea if that makes sense.

I have too start by saying a big thanks too Jj as his sent this as a birthday Gift and as you can image one I was excited to receive.

JJs stealth has been top stuff once again 100% trust from every order I’ve had from them and I don’t even have to mention speed!

I’ve had these types of bottles before and it is good quality. It says about dropping under the tongue for me I would say do not do this...I tried and it felt like my mouth had bees init lol! But do NOT make this put you off! The effects where perfect. I had to drop half a dropper full it’s about 30 or more drops I believe I have been smoking all day so on a clear head would only need 15-20 drops. And I’m complete...I feel perfect a few weeks ago I fucked my ankle this stuff takes the pain away and gives a full body high.

For the dosing I put it in orange juice and for me I love it. In fact I actually look forward to having my orange/vodka/weed night cap! Next door screams a lot. And it takes about 45mins to an hr to kick in for me.

Thanks again JJ. his a top vendor keep up the amazing effort you clearly put into your customer service and products.

Whilst some charge €15 for ndd JJ's always turn up next day and, as he says, for free. Could go a lot worse than this man!!
Hi there, last week had 3 no probs and 2x normal 1st class that took 3days, still awaiting 2 from DIuk which is strange and had no communicationback from them, So id recommend { JJ} although think he's just sold out but worth checking, {Gentlemen Dealers} great and {Radar Breader} all for for NDD.
{God's connect} was 1st class post 3days
JJ and Hootan (although I think Hootan has stopped ndd) are all good ndd services and I have never not had a ndd turn up the next day.

Bit of advice, be careful, as some vendors charge a lot. Its a £6.70 service, but some vendors charge $15. Depends how bad you want it the next day!!
Hello, I just made my first order. Not entirely sure I did it correctly! Went through the ‘pay’ page then copied the bit coin address and transferred. Money has left my wallet, but the pay page on little biggy, seemed to time out. Anyway of checking. Cheers
They seem to be going fine with other vendors! I'd recommend JJ or Little Bud as their stuff tends to be super quick in comparison. Hope you get your parcel soon!