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Ta. Only end of a bud, but a good rep of the flower.
Its a lovely smoke :)
I just got mine it's fucking top notch, The earth is round pal.
I bought some this morning...can't wait to see what I get
As many have attested to pabloDaveyRonaldSweetdreamsStickyfingers ad infinitum always starts as a good seller. Then he goes psycho either as a failed ploy to scam or as part of a deeper pathology (which still applies to the scammer case anyway).

We can assume he is never going to go away, clearly here is someone that doesn't have a lot of options with their IRL identity and enjoys the free registration and quick results sellers get here.

Yet no one should ever be hurt by scammers on LB, escrow protects you from financial losses and the reality of a cowardly troll protects you from threats. Quality is rarely an issue and customer service is usually above average with ronald class scammers.

There are however a few ways to lose to a scammer on little biggy :

- Let him stall past escrow release.
Don't be nice about an undelivered order, just be polite and dispute. A good seller will never be hurt by you initiating this protection. You'll also help the rest of us greatly.

- Get conned into being a con.
A very common tactic is for a seller to offer rewards to those that vouch for him. Corruptibles make the best marks of all, don't fall for this or ploys at sympathy (hospital visits and deaths are recurring tragedies in Ronald's family).

- Go offsite for payment.
Duh. But even reputable sellers have been known to screw people once they are outside of LB reputation, especially on larger orders where the upside outweighs the downside.

- Let him get the best of us.
Please don't be angry or scared enough to become a lesser bigger. The accusations are much needed but they ought to be factual and unemotional. Our community and all we derive from it is worth so much more than this. And please don't be impatient with your loving borg here darlings. The crooks aren't the only ones with a method to their madness ;)
Nice review! Just wanted to add that I love the tincture, too, some wonderful relief from various ailments. Recommended.
Very informative review thank you
What does that actually mean JJ? Do I get my money back or do you expect me to wait another week? Any info would be good
Hi JJ, yep just delivered, crap postal service but as you say not you fault. Actually got 15g so thank you for sorting this and the little extra. Guys I think COVID is causing RM to slow right down, JJ normally gets product to you within 24-48 hours.
Apsalule legend on point order landed the day sure I'll be back

Trust go to JJ won't be let down