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Me you both, I'm all about minimum effort maximum impact at my age.
Cool, sounds pretty sweet and I bet it fucks you up, thanks for the info, another method for my non combustible arsenal.
Cool, I only vape bud in my volcano, all those people getting sick in America from vaping cartridges put me right off tbh
I have vaped hash but it ain't all that.
I couldn't get into vaping at first, it just didn't compare to a joint until I began eating the weed after vaping it and BOOM. I now get more fucked than I did smoking and the buzz lasts way into the next day.
I used to love smoking, edibles are the boom and RSO is amazing (so long as you dose probably). I never tried RSO until I joined the biggy, this sight offers such a selection, it's every stoners dream.
Pretty much the same myself, I mainly do vaping, eating, and tincture.
I thought dabbing was combustion, I thought you had to use a blow torch or something similar.
What's your weapon of choice
Drops under tongue?
Ask my girlfriend what the movie we're watching is about
Dribble and melt