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it is both not as good and better as is the case when you compare different superlatives. but that said fuck the joint and marry the cart.
Must say, tried few from different vendors and it felt OK, it just didn't give me the same kind of high. The best I had was from MJ concentrates, potent and tasty but still it ain't the same as bud for me. Although, it is great if you wanna get stoned and there isn't other way to do so. I prefer edibles, that gives me much better like a bud high.
TGT kosher kush https://littlebiggy.org/link/lUQlLD

Jj kosher dawg https://littlebiggy.org/link/fFy3JK

RB lemon amnesia https://littlebiggy.org/link/1di3xZ
Hey EddyE20
In all honesty ive tried a few now including a premium Cali cart. It just cant match bud for me the high is shorter lived and in my personal opinion the high seems to lack a level of complexity that you get from flower or hash.
For convenience and stealth in public they are excellent though.
MJc and Pope have some very well reviewed carts though that i have tried. A few of the guys on here swear by some of the US vendors for carts though
Mj concentrates and say no 2 drugs are the 2 best sellers for carts that I know of..
mj has the best carts for safety and potency
MJConcentrates - just shatter and terps... he makes them himself so you know what you’re getting...there seems to be less around now because of the issues with vitamin e in some from the states. Can’t go wrong with MJC
Platinum Gelato Review, with 40x Loupe Photos
Biggas and Biggettes, This Platinum Gelato wins my smoke of the month top place, without a shadow of a doubt. Its exceptional quality, stunning formation and perfectly cured. Heres a picture...
Definitely think the old school strains done well are always good and I would love to see more things like Jack Herer, White Widow, and some proper stinky uk cheese would be great!!! More sativas would be nice as there always loads of indica leaning stuff here. Personally not that fussed on seeing more Cali imports, not worth the extra price tag when theres so much good local stuff around. Also, more nice clean organic weed if at all possible :D
Hello everyone,

Just wanted to know what other products you guys would like to see on our menu, we will be rotating and changing the bud every few weeks, but we do have access to all things green, (concentrates/cali imports) always top quality and best prices.

What would you guys like for us to add to the menu for this year? Let us know on this post.


We won't be able to do any mixed or combined orders until the 1st of FEB as we are relocating and training new staff, so all orders will have to be posted out separately.

We are also working on adding SIGNED & TRACKED / NDD options in February for all those that have been asking.


Great vendor, great product.

Does anyone know if its possible to change a rating after its been done?

Someone left this today, we are guessing the rating was a mistake given the comment..

Lost a whole 0.1, and our STRAWBERRY BANANA IS 9.4 NOW :(

Finally we want to thank everyone in the community for being so great, we absolutely love it here. We want to wish you all a fantastic 2020 with an abundance of health and happiness.