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No sign yet mate but I'll not lose faith just yet lol
Thanks for the info guys in the future i will always go with tracked that was my mistake most definitely but from the replies here i will keep the faith in this package arriving at some stage lol
Whats the longest youve waited for a package ?
Hi guys been waiting 10 working days now for my package from uk to eu i unfortunately didn't get tracked which i found out afterwards is the only way to go anyway back to my question when should i begin to lose hope lol also is it best to wait for the outcome of said package before ordering more any help is appreciated thanks
Thank lads going to order some and see how I like it
Looks tasty thanks for the review ?
How do people find the thc vape cartridges is it as good as smoking a nice j ?
Been looking into these vape cartridges anyone have any advice or file tips regarding these eg best sellers or types etc
Best strains available
I am more of a haze smoker love all the amnesia strains etc but my gf loves her cheese and kush types would love some recommendations from experienced smokers on here of what my next order should be ?
Safe , Friendly , Discreet