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Can't please all the people all the time! Just got to build advocates for your brand. Some lbs will rate crap just cus they feel like it
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Pandas Honey cream review
I'll start by saying I wasn't expecting a great deal of potency from this bud, the night before I had gone pretty heavy with some great stardawg so didn't think this would do very much.
I was wrong.
I actually had a really good night on this, personally flavour wise I found it a little bit lacking but I do usually need a bud to have alot of flavour for my taste buds to pick it up properly.
The high was great for me and my wife, it felt mildly psychedelic, things were so much more intense, funny, and overall just more fun.
I took the opertunity to pair the high with the film "the interview" (I swear any film with Seth Rogan and James Franco was meant to be watched high) it made the film fucking amazing haha.
After this I thought fuck it and put INSIDIOUS on, a horror film that I wish I fucking hadn't lol
me and the wife couldn't get through it, it was so much more intense and as someone that usually doesn't even jump at these sort of films the honey cream made it the scariest fucking thing ever.
I had avoided tasting this until the price was put up so I could gauge it and I would give it a solid 9/10. Other vendors have some great bud at a similar price as this but to be honest I really do think it held its own and is worth every bit of the $40 price tag.
Cannot believe I found this community.